What If Superheroes Had Business Cards?

Superheroes from both Marvel and DC comics, movies and tv shows are known around the world. Yet surprisingly even the biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC such as Batman and Captain America may need business cards, as there are probably people out there that don’t know who they are. Now thanks to 123print, we have the solution to that. 

The designers over at 123Print have played around with the thought of “what if superheroes had business cards” and they have given us an idea as to what they may look like. They have projected the characters personalities and most known traits onto the cards, for example, Joker’s Psychotic behavior, Green Arrows arrogance, Captain America’s patriotism and Matt Murdock’s blindness.

They even poke fun of Aquaman, joking at the fact that he is more helpful in water than he is on land, however, his business card is water proof for those who are wondering. They also incorporate Iron Man smugness, The Flash’s speed, and Superman even asks people to stop questioning why he wears his pants on the outside.

You can check out the business cards below, sadly 123Print don’t have them up for sale, but if they do make them available, they are sure to be a hit, as they are extremely accurate. Let us know what you think of them.

SOURCE: 123Print














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