Star Wars Returning To Ireland… AGAIN!

We all remember how beautiful the Skellig Islands looked in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, right? Well the cast & crew of Star Wars will be returning to Kerry once again for further filming! 


The little islands off the coast of County Kerry have formed what is now one of the most iconic scenes in the Star Wars saga and the creative minds behind one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time were clearly please enough with both the landscape and the good aul Irish hospitality to return to film even more of the Sequel Trilogy in our great little country.

This time however, they won’t be returning to Skellig Michael but will be heading to an area of the Dingle Peninsula called Ceann Sibéal, or Sybil Head for the Gaeilge-less among us. Pictures even emerged of the works taking place in the area to allow the crew and their equipment to reach the evergreen area. Some of Star Wars Episode VIII directed by Rian Johnson has already filmed at Skellig Michael before The Force Awakens was released. Rumours suggest that filming will take place around May. Hopefully they get some Reys of sunshine to accomodate! ….. I’ll get my coat.

via The Dingle Peninsula
via The Dingle Peninsula

We’re going to guess that the Irish landscape will be used in scenes involving Luke Skywalker’s present actions and possibly even past. If the Sequel Trilogy is mirroring the Original Trilogy then the Skelligs & the Dingle Peninsula will be the Dagobah of this trilogy and Rey will receive her Jedi training in these scenes. It may even be used to elaborate further on what happened Luke’s attempt at forming the New Jedi Order. All will be found out soon!

Anyone want to join us in the search across Kerry for Luke Skywalker? There won’t be any Siths, but we may have to battle a Healy-Rae or two!

Star Wars Episode VIII will be released on 17th of December 2017.


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