Top 10 Characters With Strange Addictions!

Have you ever had a craving for something that just wouldn’t go away, and eventually it got so bad you would consider stepping over your sweet grandmothers dying body just to get it? For me it’s Johnny Onion Rings! Bye Nana!

Well here is a list of some characters that have crazy addictions or obsessions themselves.

10. Garfield & Lasagna (Garfield the Cat Series)

A cat that loves lasagna and hates Mondays? Sounds like my kind of kitty! Garfield has been a devoted lover of lasagna since 1978 when he exclaimed it was “nature’s perfect food”, jumping at the dish at every opportunity. What better way to eat your favourite food than by diving into it head first and covering it all over your fur? No? Just me and Garfield then. Okay! Garfield really is the embodiment of every cat. Lazy, always hungry with a sarcastic grin planted permanently across his smug face. Wait… This sounds an awful lot like me. Meow Bitches!


9. Cookie Monster & Cookies (Sesame St)

Cookies are not the tallest order when someone has their hand shoved up your ass all day. In fact, I don’t think I could name one of Henson’s Muppets that didn’t have some sort of psychological disorder. Cookie Monster’s insatiable appetite for the food he was so thoughtfully named after is energetic, aggressive and always hilarious. He often attacks the food, people and the cameras so conveniently placed around Sesame Street (Where a lot of kids play! Weirdos!). Shoving the baked goods into his mouth he utters OM NOM NOM! As they crumble to pieces in his fabric jaws. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip?


8. Michaelangelo & Pizza (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

While it’s true all of the turtles love pizza, it seems to have always been Michaelangelo’s favourite. I guess you could say it has a pizza his heart?! Ha! No? Sorry. His preferred toppings often mirror his carefree attitude, adding ingredients like tea and toast to his slices and naming it ‘The English Breakfast Pizza’ (And we thought Donnie was the inventor). These creations usually don’t go down well with his brothers and he is mocked for being disgusting and irritating. But he generally bounces back with a ‘Cowabunga’.


7. Quagmire & Sex (Family Guy)

Let’s admit it. We all have a little Quagmire inside us… Giggity! Indulging in numerous sexual fetishes like necrophilia, erotic asphyxiation, zoophilia and BDSM, Quagmires activities provide the show with the most taboos. It’s definitely fair to say that Glenn is addicted to sex. His need seems to escalate with every passing season. The crude innuendos and erotic exploits are only made more hilarious by his voice and appearance. “Hey kid, come here. I wanna see if I can still smell your moms boob on your mouth” Oh Quagmire!


6. Winnie The Pooh & Honey (Winnie The Pooh Stories)

Being addicted to honey, Pooh Bear (Stupid name) impulsively grabs pots filled with the condiment. He often puts his own friends at risk for his favourite food (we all do this) and sometimes even trashes their homes and steals from them in order to fulfil his need. (Okay, What a dick!) His craving often leads him to get stuck, (because he eats too much sugar!) inside small areas like tree trunks and fire places. You can almost hear Rabbit sigh and mutter “Here comes this fat dope again!”


5. Bane & Venom (Batman/DC Universe)

As a highly addictive compound it’s no wonder Venom became some people’s drug of choice in the DC Universe, not even Batman could escape its grasp at one point. Bane, an escaped convict from South America, uses the drug to gain abnormal physical strength and as a result is known as ‘The Man who Broke the Bat’ (an Ego complex in itself) And while he was a badass before being subjected to the harsh experiment he essentially needs the Venom to take on Gotham’s multitude of villains and Batman, which usually ends in a draw. (because Bruce could kick his ass without it) Venom gives Bane various amounts of strengths and abilities but is ultimately his downfall as he often needs his fix or he relapses causing him to have terrifying nightmares about the dreaded bat-demon.


4. Pikachu & Ketchup (Pokémon)

Although we don’t see much of it, it is obvious that Pikachu is a little bit obsessed with Ketchup and the gag is continuous throughout each generation of Pokémon. The fascination can be seen clearly in the episode ‘Showdown at Dark City’ when the gang enter a restaurant and Pikachu automatically starts eying the bottle of Ketchup and later when the bottle is smashed he begins to cry. Pikachu’s known love for Ketchup even got him on the cover of Heinz special edition back in 2000. (A rat on a food product? Who thought of that?!) Some even speculate that his love for the condiment has something to do with Ash’s last name being Ketchum. But if that’s the reason.. that’s kinda creepy.


3. Sam Winchester & Demon Blood (Supernatural)

As a baby Sam was fed Demon Blood which either gives or enhances psychic powers. Later, he finds out he can exorcise demons faster and more efficiently if he consumes the blood more often, and as a result he becomes addicted. (Nice one Sammy! Make daddy proud!) His mental state and moral compass deteriorate as he continues to drink more and more. (Not like he was stable in the first place) The blood did give him some cool powers, but after a few nose bleeds, sexual excursions with a demon and a girly row with his brother Sam finally gave up the blood, but it left some serious mental scars.


2. Popeye & Spinach (Popeye the Sailor Man)

This sailor gains a boost of strength when he eats spinach. His ‘addiction’ to the vegetable can be sometimes seen as a substance dependency as he uses it to deal with everyday problems, like mowing the lawn or taking care of children. Parents have also used his example to urge kids into eating healthier. Either way, talk about propaganda! It’s his uncivilised, violent and quite frankly paranoid behaviour that has me thinking, that spinach looks an awful lot like crack! Is that what the pipe is for Popeye?


1. Preston Garvey & Settlements (Fallout 4)

This Minuteman’s obsession with helping settlements has gained a lot of attention from the gaming community since Fallout 4 released in November 2015. After appointing the Sole Survivor as the new General of the Minutemen, (does he have that kind of authority?) Preston quickly assigns quests to extend the Minutemen’s influence across the Commonwealth. The only problem is he doesn’t stop! And he swiftly becomes a joke or a burden to the player. You end up trying to avoid his gaze from across Sanctuary Hills (or whatever settlement you shoved him into) and you can feel his blank stare burning into your virtual soul! Then as you round the corner you hear “Another Settlement needs your help, General” …… *Sigh*


This article was written by Liz McConnon. Liz is a massive fan of TMNT, DC, Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon & Gaming.


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