Pokémon Origins Brings The Video Game To Life!

With it being the 20th anniversary of the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, we bring you a Pokémon related post. We bring you Pokémon Origins,  a film released by Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokémon company that brings Red and Blue to life. While it has been out for well over a year. For those who may not have seen it, here it is.


Pokémon Origins is an 88 minute film (consisting of 4 parts each 22 minutes long) that brings the adventures of Red and Blue from the original games to life. It follows the same story and outline as the video games. It opens exactly as the video game does, with Professor Oak introducing himself and the world of Pokémon to those who are watching.

From there it brings the battle between Nidorino and Gengar to the screen, then zooms out to show Red watching it. It then follows the story of the video games, with Professor Oak giving Red and Blue the task of completing the Pokédex and catching every Pokémon out there.

The level of detail in this film is amazing, from the HP bar showing up when battling Gym Leaders, being given Lapras in Silph Co, to finding out Giovanni (the head of Team Rocket) is the Viridian City Gym Leader. It even has the loading screen to select your save file at the start of each of the four parts, and it saves progress at the end of each of them.

Pokémon Origins is a fantastic nod back to where the series all started, bringing to life a game that captivated the lives of millions of people. If you are a huge fan of the Pokémon video game series, you should definitely check out Pokémon Origins, it is well worth watching and brings back plenty of memories.


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