CONFIRMED: JK Simmons Is Set To Play Commissioner Gordon!


This is exactly what you were thinking when you read the headline. Stop lying to us. We know it’s true! Well, what is also apparently true is that JK Simmons of J. Jonah Jameson fame in the original Spider-Man trilogy is now set to star as Commissioner James Gordon in the Justice League!


According to THR, the Whiplash actor has been cast as the Gotham City Police Chief, and is more often than not one of Batman’s most vital & trusted allies. While Simmons is most fondly remembered by Comic Book movie fans for his role as the highly strung Daily Bugle boss, we have no doubt that he will do great justice (pardon the pun) to the role of Commissioner Gordon – and hey, if Jim Gordon is showing up 60-odd year old in this Batman continuity there is no reason for him not to bring his daughter along for some more Bat-justice!


There are some questions that lay over this casting. The main one is where is Jim Gordon during Batman V Superman? Surely Gotham’s Police Commissioner will be present as these two titans of crime fighting clash? Being honest, it was our opinion/belief that Jim Gordon had already passed or perhaps retired within the DCEU seen as there was no clear indication of the character’s inclusion in Dawn of Justice. We do have a Batman who has been operating for around two decades so there could have been innumerable friendly casualties laying in his wake. It may even be for a flashback scene, who knows! Regardless, we’re glad that an important piece of Batman mythos has been included and with a great actor to boot!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits cinemas on March 25th, Justice League Part 1 production is currently under way.


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