Did A Certain Merc With A Mouth Get His Hands On A Certain X-Men Poster?

So we don’t know what to say but holy b*lls who got their hands on the latest X-Men: Apocalypse!?!?

We aren’t pointing fingers at anyone just yet but **cough cough** fox own both X-Men and a certain foul mouthed red suited man sooooo maybe someone isn’t too happy he ain’t getting to join an R-RATED X-Men movie anytime in the near future?

(Covering ourselves a word of **MATURE CONTENT** ahead)


Who else agrees, that, maybe (now a pretty big maybe) that good ol’ Mr.Pool ‘Destroyed’ this awesome poster?

Like all evidence points to him – look at the Batman V Superman posters, and he was even caught in the act! Is it dawn of the poster wars?


Who knows? We will leave it there – what do you all think? Was Deadpool fooling around yet again? Let us know! Nerd out!


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