Captain America: Civil War Trailer Breakdown

So we’ve just about managed to compose ourselves after that absolute marvel that was the Captain America: Civil War international trailer. 

There is so freakin’ much to talk about in this two and a half minute adrenaline rush that we don’t even know where to start! And of course, a very special guest comes to join the party unexpectedly! Let’s get started with a look at some of the biggest moments!

Spoilers for the Civil War comic book are plenty and speculation for the movie that may be considered as spoilers.

The Sokovia Accords

Thunderbolt Ross is firmly in the frame here delivering the “Sokovia Accords” onto the Avengers. Recounting the events that happened in New York (Avengers Assemble), Washington (Captain America: Winter Soldier) & Sokovia (Age of Ultron), the latter of which visibly shaking Scarlet Witch.


What we see here is essentially the beginning of the split in the group. Tony Stark believing that they can no longer go unchecked, unregulated and unsupervised while Steve still believes that they are better operating as they are, going in where needed to assist in catastrophic events. These viewpoints are something that is taken straight from the comic book arc and is the very essence of the Civil War, however Bucky Barnes has a big part to play too!

Winter Soldier In Wakanda

The trailer itself opens with this interesting scene…


We see the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes being taken out of storage. What is not clear yet is if this is in the past or present. It may be a sort of flashback scene harking back to his operations prior to Captain America: The Winter Soldier or perhaps Bucky becomes part of Tony’s need for the Accords. We see an explosion in what may well be Wakanda, home of the Black Panther. It is very possible that Bucky is responsible for this (brainwashed of course) on the orders of Crossbones or the as of yet unseen Baron Zemo.


We also see Black Panther taking down Bucky Barnes in a highspeed chase where Bucky, on a bike, is matched for speed by T’Challa on foot. That’s some serious pace from the King of Wakanda. Cap is not far behind in these scenes either, more than likely chasing to defend his best friend. Not only will this incident further place Tony Stark on the Pro-Sokovia Accords side of things, it also drags Black Panther into the fray!


The Raft

In his down time it seems that Tony Stark, or someone anyway has been building an underwater super prison. This again is ripped almost straight from the pages of the comic books where Tony Stark & Reed Richards built Negative Zone Prison Alpha in the Negative Zone in order to house the prisoners of that particular Civil War. While not a direct adaptation (rights issues may exist), this particular prison looks to be very much influenced by this. There are no clear markings on this facility that tell us whether it is a new build by Stark or whether it is an old S.H.I.E.L.D facility. All in due time of course.

The bigger thing here is Tony Stark’s willingness not only to fight his friends in superhero combat but that he will gladly imprison then in order to fulfill his vision of supervision and regulation of superpowered beings. It might even put things into context for Team Iron Man supporters. Sure, Tony’s intentions are noble… But once again his execution leaves moral question marks e.g. Ultron. While Iron Man always has the greater good at heart we often see him becoming more of the cause of the problems than the solution of. The same may well happen in Civil War.

You’ve Started A War

The words uttered by Iron Man to Captain America echo strongly especially given the amazing Avenger on Avenger action scenes.


We all knew the two sides would come to blows but what this trailer shows us is that this conflict will definitely have significant consequences that will (hopefully) change the status quo of the MCU. For this movie to truly have an over-arcing effect on the MCU it has to do something of seismic proportions and so far it is posing to do so. The speculated death of course is War Machine. This is seemingly confirmed as we watch him being shot out of the sky by Bucky before Tony Stark holds him in his arms, lifeless. It would be strange for Marvel to display this death so consistently in every trailer so far unless a twist is to come. Or perhaps Marvel are tactically revealing the death but it is what follows that will shake the core of the Avengers as we know it.


Tony & Steve is not the only relationship at risk in this movie either. One of the biggest moments in the trailer is Scarlet Witch working her magic on Vision and giving him a telekinetic beat down. The major thing here is that this pair have a big history together in the comic books becoming husband and wife (for a time anyway). After Age of Ultron and Vision saving Wanda Maximoff it was thought that these two would go down that arc. Civil War however puts them at logger heads. Understandably, Vision is JARVIS in a vibranium shell so he would be loyal to his creator, while Scarlet Witch perhaps still believes that the Avengers need to stand up when needed, and not only when ordered to leaving the pair on opposite sides.Vision_Civil_War

This conflict may also be the end of their relationship, and possibly even one of their lives. While Vision is presumed safe as he has an Infinity Stone, Elizabeth Olsen’s future in the MCU is unknown. She may only have one movie left on her contract and despite her being one of the more powerful Avengers, it is always possible that she bites the bullet. Marvel are known for multi-film contracts in 9 out of 10 cases no matter what that characters fate is, but you never know. Another relationship to keep close watch on is that of Hawkeye & Black Widow who have always been very close but find themselves on opposite sides… which brings us to.

Black Widow: Double Agent?

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is someone who has very close ties on both sides of the Civil War. One hone hand, she has sided with Tony as she believes as he does that the Avengers cannot operate with free reign. However, two of her closest allies have taken their stance on the opposition front lines. We already mentioned how close she is to Hawkeye but after the events of Age of Ultron it looks as if she became the Avengers second-in-command to Cap and in Winter Soldier especially, she and Captain America form a close bond & friendship. Could she change her corner throughout the film?


In the trailer we see her assertively tell Iron Man that it is he that needs to watch his back before walking away with a bit of venom in her step. This may be a disagreement of tactics, that she felt whatever events preceded this scene were a step too far and is making her feelings known. It could also be her stepping away from Tony Stark’s team and stepping into the corner of the Star Spangled Avenger. There is comic book precedent here in that one close ally of Tony Stark, Spider-Man, decides to switch sides after realising what Tony was building in the Negative Zone (REMINDER: Big ass prison!). However, it could well be too early for Spider-Man to change the colours of his underoos just yet so Black Widow being the logical option for a Double Agent if there is to be one.

When Comic Books Become Reality

Some of the greatest things about comic book movies is how they often bring the pages of the source material firmly to life and this is displayed beautifully in the Ant-Man flying on Hawkeye’s arrow scene. Taken straight from the pages of the Avengers comics, if you didn’t get goosebumps watching this then you best get to a doctor and make sure you’re still alive! Of course, this isn’t the only awesome moment that will involve Ant-Man and moments ripped straight from the comic books. We don’t want to spoil it too much but you can check it out here if you like!



We’re also going to finally see Chadwick Boseman bring T’Challa, the King of Wakanda to the big screen and his alter ego Black Panther. Although being a key member of the Avengers and a big player in the Marvel comics since his introduction in the 1960’s, many never thought he would ever make it to the live action movies. Now, not only will he be kicking ass in one of the finest costumes in the MCU, he will also be getting his own solo movie. Very exciting times for comic book fans!



And the moment we have all been waiting for… drumroll please……. THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN!

Swinging into action, Spider-Man steals the show from what was already an amazing trailer. On Iron Man’s command, web-slinging in, thwipping Caps shield from his hands before nonchalantly delivering a “Hey, everyone” in typical Spidey fashion! This brief scene broke the internet quicker than Kim Kardashian’s nudes. Even JJ Jameson couldn’t complain with these Spider-Man pictures! Albeit brief, there is quite a bit to be told from this tidbit.


Firstly, let us say that the costume is AWESOME! It’s vibrant, bright and fits what will be a brighter and more vibrant Spider-Man within the MCU, or at least compared to Andrew Garfield’s slightly darker, grittier Spidey. The eyes also move within the suit which is a feature we have not ever seen before and makes it look very like the old animated series Spidey that became a very popular meme. This has already become a heated topic of debate among Spider-Man fans but we think it’s a great feature. Like Deadpool, it adds emotion to the character even when he is under the mask.

What is clear though, this is not Spider-Man’s first appearance in this movie nor is it his first suit. It is evident that somewhere between, we’re gonna say Age of Ultron & Civil War (remember he was noted to exist in Ant-Man), Peter Parker gained his powers. He started some amateur crime fighting with a cheap roughly put together suit before ending up on Tony Stark’s radar. Stark takes him in as a sort of protégé and supplies him with a brand spankin’ new Spidey suit with moving eyes and web shooters and all sorts of gizmos & gadgets no doubt. While Peter Parker is highly intelligent, and one of the most inventive characters in the Marvel universe, he is at an age where he would need Stark-Tech to come up with a suit with animatronic eyes. The Spider logo also looks to have come from some very retro influences!


Whether Spidey fulfils his original Civil War role of switching teams is unclear. We certainly will not see the unmasking. This void may be filled by Black Panther if it is addressed at all. It is way too early in Spider-Man’s career for this plus he is a character who requires a mask. It is a common trend through out the Spider-Man stories that he needs to keep his identity secret. We may not see him get enough screen time for his team transfer to be a realistic plot device, leaving that as mentioned previously in the hands of Black Widow.

No matter what, it is safe to say we were delivered with one of the finest movie trailers ever and possibly the greatest introduction of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will of course revisit this once we have seen the movie and see if we were right or wrong!

Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas on April 29th!


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