What We Want To See In Daredevil Season 2!

The second season of Daredevil is just a few days away from dropping on Netflix and we’re expecting great things from the Man Without Fear, especially seen as he is being joined by the Punisher! 

We expect it to be good, we know it is going to be. Marvel have taken their Defenders leg of the MCU and are producing some of the best material in the MCU at the moment. But there are just a couple of things we would love to see in the next 13 episodes of Daredevil.

Justice Done To The Punisher

The Punisher is one of the most popular Marvel characters of all time. Frank Castle is a shoot first ask questions later badass and this is something that makes him so appealing to fans. He has been wronged by the people who killed his family and seeks to track not only their killers, but anyone capable of doing the same thing to another family and brutally murdering them in an act of vengeance. Of course, the concept of this character has been tough to bring to the screen in a PG-13 rated world. This will be Marvel’s FOURTH attempt (films in 1989, 2004 & 2008) to do so but this time they have the perfect medium and actor to do so.


In Jonathan Bernthal, Marvel have found an actor with the chops to do serious justice to the most lethal man in the Marvel universe. Frank Castle is in ways a broken man despite the violence fetish and this needs to be portrayed as such, Bernthal can do this and hopefully Marvel will write it in this way. We also want Marvel not to hold back on the violence. The Netflix medium is in a very special place where age ratings aren’t much of a factor in the release and are not really discussed. This lets them do a lot more and stick to the gritty source material as was displayed by Daredevil & Jessica Jones season 1. With the Punisher, Marvel can take this to another level and push the boundaries yet again for an MCU property and give us the definitive live-action Punisher.

Elektra & Matt’s Dysfunctional Relationship

With Elektra Natchios joining the fold played by Elodie Young, we get the chance to see one of the most dysfunctional relationships in comic book history unfold properly. I’ll admit that I am one of few who likes the original Daredevil movie but the relationship between Matt & Elektra was one they got so very wrong. These two have a dark, messed up and even more complicated relationship than Batman & Catwoman and the utter cheese between the pair in the 2004 movie was tough watching. Great fight choreography, tough watching.


What we want to see is the deeply conflicting emotions in Matt considering that his big evil ex is also a murderous assassin/ninja/mercenary who just so happens to also be looking for revenge after her father was killed. Elektra Natchios is the one that got away in Matt’s eyes but on many occasions she is also trying to  kill Daredevil and his close friends. She’s also worked for Wilson Fisk as his chief assassin and was ordered to kill Foggy at one point but thankfully bottled it when she realised what she was doing. On the other hand, she is often an ally of Daredevil & co. when needed, so we may see her on both sides of the fight against the Punisher and whatever greater evil is brought forth. Matt Murdock’s life is already relatively f*cked up as things stand but Elektra would bring that to whole new levels for both Matt & Daredevil. Her arrival will also herald the eventual introduction of Bullseye, another assassin in the Daredevil world and one fo Daredevil’s arch-enemies.

The Hand

When you bring Elektra in, The Hand should not be far behind and we expect and want the (usually) evil organisation of ninja’s to come in to Daredevil, even if it is just a tease for the future.

The Hand are a group of ninjas that date back to the time of Feudal Japan where they were opposed to the oppressive class system of the time. They also, like many other evil organisations in comic book history, crave power above all else. They are also a rival to the Chaste. The Chaste are another ancient martial arts group that were led by Stick, who of course trained Daredevil. Elektra also trained with the Chaste and switched sides to join The Hand but left to go freelance when they ordered her to kill her old Sensei. Daredevil even became their leader for a period of time!


There are several points where you can introduce The Hand. Elektra could be a foot soldier of the organisation with an order to take out Daredevil but gives up and leaves the Hand when she finds out his identity. She may hae already left the Hand & they are following her in order to kill her. Perhaps they even come into the mix and aid Wilson Fisk to return and take hold of Hells Kitchen for their own purposes. Who knows, but either way, The Hand will appear in full sooner or later in the Daredevil world.

The Defenders

The Defenders team-up series is slowly but surely becoming a reality. We have met Daredevil, Jessica Jones, had a brief introduction to Luke Cage and joining them shortly will be the Immortal Iron Fist. So, why not have one or two of them show up in Daredevil?

Ok sure, Claire Temple showed up to assist Jessica Jones late on and Daredevil did get a slight mention but why not take a leaf out of Arrow & The Flash’s book and have a nice little crossover episode. even if it’s only for fan service. These guys are going to get together eventually, so why not get a roll on the character development and start building relationships. There are going to be mentions, name drops and Easter eggs; but let’s go the whole hog here and have Jessica Jones fly in to pummel the Punisher when he has Daredevil against the ropes. Or Luke Cage popping by in order to get some legal advice for one of his & Jessica’s investigations. It would be great to have these characters introduced before The Defenders series especially seen as they are all based in the one area of New York. It’s hard enough for Marvel to explain why Iron Man doesn’t show up to assist Cap when events like Winter Soldier happen, it will be even tougher to explain how Daredevil & Jessica Jones don’t cross paths while fighting crime only a few blocks from each other.


If you wanted to be really ambitious, laying some of the ground work for Iron Fist would also be great in order to garner interest in the character. Danny Rand & Matt Murdock have always had a close relationship in the comic books both inside of the costume and out so we certainly wouldn’t complain if the writers decided to push the Living Weapon on to us sooner rather than later.

Civil War

We’ll admit that tying the likes of Daredevil & Jessica Jones in with the movie end of the MCU is quite difficult. Sure, you can tease & easter egg plenty of aspects of it and acknowledge the existence of The Avengers but due to the all in one episode drop nature of Netflix it’s difficult to do a proper tie in episode. It isn’t like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that runs over a period of time and can tie in like it did with Thor: The Dark World & Captain America: Winter Soldier but that’s not to say it can’t acknowledge the movies a little bit more so as to enhance the link between the two.


Captain America: Civil War will be arriving just a month and a bit after Daredevil and the Sokovia Accords being introduced by Tony Stark & Thunderbolt Ross will surely (depending on their extent) also have an effect on Daredevil & The Defenders. Both Daredevil & Luke Cage were high-ranking members of Captain America’s Secret Avengers in the Civil War comic arc too so it would be nice to see them acknowledge or debate the rumoured Accords being proposed by the Government. Let’s say they do require the unmasking of vigilantes like the Superhero Registration Act; picture the scene…

Foggy: “You know what, the Government are right, These guys need to be more accountable for their actions and have something watching over them to stop The Incident happening again even if it means handing over their identities,”

Matt: “Foggy, what do you think would happen when the world finds out Matt Murdock is Daredevil? What would happen when they notice the name Nelson in front of Murdock on our office door? Do you think Wilson Fisk wouldn’t be knocking on the door looking for you & Karen?”

Foggy: “Oh… Yeah… That’s the last thing I need!”


Something like that is all we want. Plus, it would let us know that despite his absence from Civil War that Daredevil is Team Cap just like he is in the comics!

And there you have it. These are just a few things we would like to see in Daredevil Season 2! Agree with us, or feel you’d like something else? Let us know in the comments below!


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