Young Han Solo Shortlist Down To Three Candidates… And One Is Irish!

Previously we brought you news of the plot to the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology movie, now it appears that it is now a three horse race for the role of the infamous intergalactic smuggler! 


According to The Hollywood Reporter, we are now down to just three young hopefuls looking to fill the boots of Harrison Ford in the Han Solo & Chewbacca origin story, and one is of particular interest to Irish Star Wars fans out there!

The three names reportedly competing for one of the most famous roles in SciFi movie history are Alder Ehrenreich (Hail, Caesar!), Taron Egerton (Kingsman: Secret Service & Eddie The Eagle) and Ireland’s very own Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction, What Richard Did). According to the reports, these three young actors were present for testing with Disney recently after being picked from a panel of 10 which also contained Miles Teller (Whiplash, Fant4stic).


Whichever one of these three actors, if these are the three up for the role, lands the role of a young Han Solo; that’s their career made. Ok, admittedly they have massive boots to fill given what Harrison Ford brought to the role and thus made Han Solo such a cinematic icon, but if the chosen one was to excel and do justice to the role of a young Han Solo it opens up so many doors within the Star Wars. Disney may just be testing the waters with a young Han Solo and should it go down well, we’re sure that there will be a multi-film contract and further stories featuring a young Han Solo. The character is that integral to the Star Wars universe that they would surely want to expand on his adventures before A New Hope, or even during the Original Trilogy depending on when the Han & Chewie film is set.

For us, it is hard to pick between the three great actors which one we would prefer in the role. Taron Egerton may be the fan favourite given his performance in Kingsman as Eggsy, which you could say had elements of Han Solo to his character. Jack Reynor of course we would love to see in the role and push the influence of the Irish in the Star Wars films further. With Domhnall Gleeson in there as General Hux, filming happening in Kerry and supposedly Donegal, we could almost claim it as our own at this stage!


Star Wars Story: Han Solo by Chris Miller & Phil Lord (LEGO Movie) is due for release in 2018.


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