Wrestlemania 32: What Can We Expect From Each Match!

So with it being just 13 short days until Wrestlemania 32, the Superbowl of the wrestling business, we here at Nerd Lowdown take a look at the matches have been announced so far, and look at what we can expect from each of them. This year Wrestlemania is in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas on Sunday April 3rd, so BIG things are expected as its said that everything is bigger in Texas.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

So we start with the 3rd annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, much like last year, it has been relegated to the kick-off show, which is a shame as it is a match that can help launch a superstars career. Cesaro won the first battle royal 2 years ago, and the Big Show won last year, it hasn’t done much for either man, although it would have greatly benefited Cesaro had creative given him a good push.

So far, only four people have been named, and those are the Social Outcasts (Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Curtis Axel) so it is hard to predict what to expect from this match, over the next 13 days expect more superstars to be announced for the battle royal, with all four members of the Wyatt family expected to be announced (considering Bray Wyatt is working with a back injury, a match like this would easy the work load on him). Definitely expect one of the Wyatt’s to win this, and hopefully it leads to a big push for the faction following Wrestlemania.


The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

This match is taking place on the biggest stage of them all, when to be honest, this match could be put on the kick-off show instead of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This started a number of weeks ago when the Dudley Boyz turned heel in an 8 man tag team match where the Usos were their tag team partners, since then the Dudley Boyz have attacked the Usos a number of times and rid themselves of tables (which is their trademark). Not overly sure what to expect from this match, would reckon it will be less than 10 minutes and designed to give the Usos retribution against the Dudley Boyz for weeks of beat downs.


New Day vs. League of Nations (Tag team championship)

This match came about when the New Day made fun of the League of Nations on Twitter, mocking the faction. The League of Nations didn’t take kindly to this so Wade Barrett and Sheamus challenged the champs for the gold at Roadblock but were unsuccessful. Two nights later on Raw (which was this past week) Alberto Del Rio and Rusev stepped up to try get the job done but failed themselves. This lead to the League of Nations assaulting the New Day and challenging them to a 4 on 3 handicap match for the tag titles at Wrestlemania which the New Day accepted on Twitter. This match has great potential as its 4 on 3 for the tag titles, could it lead to new tag champs? I’d expect the New Day to overcome the odds, they are far to popular or over as they say to lose momentum just yet.


Kalisto vs. Ryback (US championship)

We aren’t quite sure what to expect from this match, Kalisto has been on a role since winning the US title at the Royal Rumble, and Ryback is having some form of luck if you want to say that with his second heel turn. It’s expect to feel like a David vs Goliath match up, the big guy vs the little guy. Fully expecting an ok match, Kalisto’s fast luchador style will contrast greatly to Ryback’s slow power based offence. After a solid 10-15 minute match, expect Kalisto to catch Ryback with a roll up to retain, its to early for Kalisto to drop the title.


Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch (Divas championship)

After weeks of Becky and Sasha battling back-and-forth to determine a number one contender but never deciding it , and Charlotte popping off at the mouth enough about both of them, this match was born from that. We expect a great match from the three divas in this match, all three of them are part of the Divas Revolution that started on NXT and made its way to the main roster. Can Charlotte hold on to her title? With quite a lengthy reign under her belt going into Wrestlemania, we expect this match to catch a lot of people off guard (the Divas match on a Mania card is normally bathroom break time). This match will deliver, as to who will win though? We aren’t to sure, but it won’t be Charlotte. We are rooting for Becky Lynch though as she is representing the emerald isle of Ireland.


Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar (Street Fight)

This match is undoubtedly going to steal the show. It was a match that spawned out of nowhere, the original plan was for Brock Lesnar to fact Bray Wyatt, but with Wyatt injured this match was scheduled. According to Lesnar Ambrose cost him a shot at the World Title at Wrestlemania, so he assaulted Ambrose before Raw the next night sending him to the hospital, Ambrose being the  Lunatic Fringe returned later in the night and challenged Lesnar to a street fight.

Now this could be a horribly bad idea given how much Lesnar has been built up as an unstoppable force (he did break the Undertakers Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania 30 if you didn’t know). So how Ambrose is gonna be built up as a man that can go toe to toe with Lesnar is going to be interesting. We expect an all out brawl, with Ambrose bringing it to Lesnar coming close to beating him several times throughout the match, quite similar to CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2013, this match proved a smaller guy like Punk can take it Lesnar, so we expect Ambrose to do the same. The winner though, we reckon it to be Lesnar, but to give some form of nod to Ambrose after the match.


Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell for control of Raw)

This is the most out of nowhere match on the card (and there are no RKO’s involved in this match). As usual the topic of who will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania kicks up around the time of the Royal Rumble in January, and this year was no different, but I don’t think anyone ever expected Shane McMahon to be his opponent. The premise for this match is that after 7 years Shane returned to the WWE, looking to take control of Raw and the company from his Dad Vince, even citing the plummeting ratings and list on injured stars, chalking that down to how Vince, his sister Stephanie and her husband Triple H are running the place. Vince said he would give Shane what he wants, if he wrestles ONE match, ONE night and an opponent of Vince’s choice. The match, the night and the opponent? The Undertaker, Wrestlemania 32, Hell in a Cell).

This is definitely the most up in the air match in terms of what to expect, while we expect Shane McMahon to put his body on the line as he always does, we can’t expect much from The Undertaker, the man will be 51 this year, his body is ragged with injuries couple that with Shane McMahon himself being 46, don’t expect a wrestling master class. What we will get though is a match filled with weapons, big moves from Shane McMahon and an outcome that will change the landscape of the WWE. Who we expect to win this match we don’t know, while the Undertaker has already lost his streak at Wrestlemania, will they give him another loss? Will he lose what could potentially be his last match? Unless there is outside interference from someone (we are hoping for a debuting Bullet Club) to help Shane win, how can he be expected to beat the Undertaker? If the Undertaker were to win, what would be the whole point of the angle?

Either way this match is going to generate the most interest, and is the toughest to call the winner.


Triple H vs. Roman Reigns (WWE world heavyweight championship)

We here at Nerd Lowdown don’t need to write an awful lot as to what we can expect from this match, we already know what to expect…. Roman Reigns to beat Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, it is what they have been building towards since the Royal Rumble of 2015. Reigns won the Royal in 2015, came close to beating Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania 31, but lost due to Seth Rollins cashing in his money in the bank contract.

Reigns would win the title at Survivor Series 2015, only to lose it in 5:15 when Sheamus cashed in his briefcase, Reigns would win it back several weeks later only to lose it in the Royal Rumble of this year, which Triple H won, setting up our main event. It is a match that nobody wants to see, and a victory for Reigns that nobody wants. The WWE are still looking to force Reigns on us as the next big star, the man to carry the company forward, but fans don’t want that, this is evident by Triple H as the heel is getting a better crowd reaction.

So unless WWE plan to throw a curve ball, fully expect a Reigns victory as he is the new top man in the company.

While some of the matches may be lackluster and the main event being highly predictable, we here at Nerd Lowdown fully expect Wrestlemania 32 to deliver, it will hopefully deliver some great matches and plenty of Wrestlemania moments. 13 days and counting.


2 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 32: What Can We Expect From Each Match!”

  1. For match quality, KO and the divas revolution will be the saving grace. Since Neville will now be out, I expect Shane o mac to jump off something crazy. The hate Roman Reigns gets is unbelievable. He’s not the best in the world by any means. But he’s not awful, not by a long shot.


    1. The ladder match for intercontinental title and Lesnar Vs Ambrose will be the saving grace I reckon! Shane O’Mac will definitely be doing a good few high spots to make the match entertaining. As far as Reigns goes…. he is ok, still needs a lot of work, there are worse wrestlers on the roster, but WWE need to stop forcing the idea that he is ready to be the next top star!


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