Is Jurassic World 2 About To Wreck Havoc On The Streets?

With last years monster success Jurassic World taking in over $1B at the box – office, it was no secret that a fifth outing would be on the horizon.

With the sequel confirmed for a June 2018 release and Bryce Dallas Howard and the great Chris Pratt set to reprise their roles – news has broke of possible locations the adventure will be shot, the main eyed up area: London.

With the bulk of the previous Jurassic’ taking place on the islands known as the 5 deaths – and the ending to The Lost World taking a ‘King Kong’ like approach which we actually loved, rumors suggest that the fifth outing may see the Dinos roaming the streets.


A report from The Sun Newspaper reads:

Location bosses have been secretly scouting areas perfect for the dinosaurs to wreak havoc. A film insider told me: “London is the preferred choice. Other locations are being considered but a city as historic as London would look immense on the big screen being destroyed by the dinosaurs.”


Get limbered up Pratt.. there’s gonna be a lot of running and screaming!

Although this is only speculation at the moment – just think of it, a horde of roaming (very hungry) dinos chasing after some poor extras, maybe busting into a local Tesco food shop too! It would be awesome to see how they do this (if true), but with (if this is true) a massive horde – would this result in a massive airstrike attack on the British city? Let the speculation begin!

Let’s hope life finds a way in the story! Nerd out!


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