Harrison Ford Steals The Show On Jimmy Kimmel

Dawning his ear ring and cheeky smile the great Harrison Ford was back on The Jimmy Kimmel Show – to promote Star Wars The Force Awakens yet again and let’s just say he may have stole the show!

Seemingly tight lipped about the future for Han Solo, yes, we may have seen him *SPOILER* … it seems that there may be a little bit more left to the famous character yet, take a look:

He may have been waiting 30 years to *SPOILER* his character but it seemed that even though Ford was very, very tight lipped, will we see him come back as a force ghost?

It didn’t end there – he seemed extremely happy that he will be back whipping his way onto the screen for a fifth outing as Indie! (The contract must contain a lot of zeros!) Take a gander here:

Harrison Ford is the man! What do you think? Let us know! Nerd out!


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