New Pokémon GO News Emerges!

The potentially ground breaking Augmented Reality game Pokémon GO has been in the works for quite a while now with very little emerging… but now we know a whole lot more about the mobile Pokémon game set in the real world! 

The premise of Pokémon GO is that you use your real world surroundings to search for and capture the Pokémon we all know and love. With a mobile app & smart wrist band combined, this will be the closest thing to a real life Pokémon trainer we will ever become. We now know a whole lot more thanks to a detailed post on the official Pokémon website!

  • As a trainer you will be able to level up. Leveling up gives you access to better Pokémon, better chance at catching said Pokémon & better items.
  • Catch the same Pokémon enough times and you will be able to make one evolve. Pokémon eggs also exist and may well hatch you brand new Pokémon.
  • Wild Pokémon will vary depending on your location. Some Pokémon will also be more likely to show up in certain locations or habitats such as water Pokémon at the beach for example. Better keep a close eye on the app, even on holidays!
  • You will join a team and your team will work to claim Pokémon Gyms in real world locations in a capture the flag sort of exercise. One individual can take on a Gym to claim it for their team by battling the Pokémon within it. Once a Gym is claimed, you will place one Pokémon into the Gym to help defend it along with your team mates.

Pokémon GO will be available on Android & iOS but no release date is set as of yet. A field test is planned for Japan sometime in the near future and this may lead to roll outs to further territories!


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