Has The Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Bluray Release Date Been Revealed?

While Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has only hit cinemas today, there are those who are already thinking and wondering when it may be released on DVD and Bluray. We know, it is mad to believe people are already thinking of this, but there are some who are. Apparently we won’t have to wait to long. 

For anyone wondering how long they will have to wait to watch Batman battle Superman in the comfort of their own home, Amazon have it pegged for a July 16th release day. That only 4 months after its cinematic release, which is quite a short time for a big movie, as they normally take around 5-6 months for the home movie release.

While the standard Bluray is pegged for a July 16th release, according to Amazon, the ultimate edition has quite a mouth watering collectible for those die hard fans out there and is set for an expected July 27th. The ultimate edition will have two different version, each with their own unique statue. One comes with Ben Affleck’s Batman and the other with Henry Cavill’s Superman. Amazon have them priced at around €130, while it might seem a bit high when you see the statues, if you are a huge fan of either character, it can be said that it is easily worth it. Check out the image below curtesy of Comic Book.


The DVD/Bluray will 30 minutes of extra scenes which will add to the film which is already 2 hours and 41 minutes long, and not only that, as it has been widely reported it will be R-Rated as opposed to the PG-13 version which is being released in cinemas.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice hits cinemas today and is one of the huge blockbuster Supermovies we have this year.


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