Top 10 Sexiest Eggheads

Easter is here and that means chocolate eggs! Or Mass, depending on what you’re into, and what a lovely way to celebrate this event by taking a look at some of our sexiest of nerds! Eggheads that you would love to spill some chocolate on! Bring on the Fudge!!

10. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory)

Portrayed by Melissa Rauch, this blonde passive aggressive microbiologist is the financial provider of her marriage. Often emasculating her husband Howard (Which secretly I think he likes) with a commanding tone, not dissimilar to her mother in law. Although Bernadette acts all sweet and innocent she once dated her college teacher proving she does have a wild side under all that floral print!


9. Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

There are so many intelligent characters in Mass Effect it’s hard to pick just one! But seen as Garrus likes to play with his ‘big gun’ let’s go with him (heheh). Like most Turians, Garrus has had military training and later became a member of Commander Shepard’s loyal team (And sometimes faithful lover). Oozing charisma, funny as hell, a stone cold badass that always has your back, this adorkable guy would calibrate your heart!

Garrus Garrus2

8. Dick Grayson (DC Universe)

Originally the first Robin, Dick has grown (hehe) a lot since his time as the Boy Wonder. While he isn’t as obsessed about his work as Bruce or Tim he can certainly rival their skills as a detective. Always humble and compassionate, Dick has great leadership skills, which can be seen during his time with the Titans, the Outsiders and even the JLA. Along with being a great tactician, cunning and a talented performer *winky face* Grayson has the charisma that Batman finds so hard to obtain.


7. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Being one of the most iconic characters of our time and is on a level of James Bond, Batman and Dracula in terms of name recognition, Holmes was never sexy, (although RDJ tried) until Benedict Cumberbatch filled the role. Between good looks, humour and personality, Cumberbatch’s Holmes is often quite cold and describes himself as a ‘highly functioning sociopath’ (Seems a lot of people are into that kind of thing).  We can write smutty fan fiction all we want but Holmes is usually portrayed as an asexual. Maybe the legion of fangirls he has acquired will make him change his mind!


6. Spock (Star Trek)

Despite Kirk being the obvious ladykiller aboard the starship Enterprise, many fans believe (mostly ladies) that Mr. Spock was in fact the sexiest member of the Star Trek crew. Fans have claimed that it’s his emotional depth that makes him so attractive. (That and the voice!) His character represses emotions yet there is a sensitive side that can seem sensuous at times. I’m sure there are plenty of ladies (and some men) lining up during Pon Farr just to feel his Vulcan love grip!


5. Bulma (Dragonball Series)

From what I’ve seen of Dragonball,  Bulma is definitely the smartest person in their universe! Her craziness sometimes gets the better of her but if not for her smarts Goku and the others would have a hard time making an episode. I mean she invented the Dragonball Radar for Christ sake! And while Bulma is often the victim of Master Roshi’s perverted advances she handles him quite well giving him a smack across his face, but making her wear that bunny outfit was masterful indeed. Well done Turtle Hermit!


4. Cortana (Halo)

Along with being a great character, Cortana is just plain sexy. Even the Chief thinks so! As the games progressed her appearance has been altered slightly making her look more like a real woman but it’s still very hard to ignore the synth nakedness (And yes she has clothes on in Halo 5! *Sigh*) A highly intelligent synthetic, capable of hacking alien computers, Cortana is often smug about her abilities bringing humour to the Halo franchise, because let’s face it, you won’t get it from the Master Chief. Therefore she meshes perfectly with the game’s protagonist.


3. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

Hands down, Felicity is one of my favourite characters in the show. She’s funny, tech savvy, loyal and just downright stunning. (Nerdy Hot! It may be the glasses) Being mostly awkward, Smoak has that ‘girl next door’ vibe with her hair tied back constantly and a generally conservative style. With a master’s degree in Cyber Security and Computer Science I guess Ollie hit the jackpot when he found her (But let’s not talk about what he can hit, if you know what I mean). Kindness, compassion and trust are attributes known to Felicity, it’s the geekiness coupled with vigilante activities that make her very sexy indeed.


2. T’Challa (Black Panther)

T’Challa was given the role of King of Wakanda and the title of Black Panther after his father was killed, and after eating the Heart-Shaped herb he was joined with Bast the Panther God. Being a polymath genius with an eidetic memory, the king of Wakanda is one of the smartest people on earth or at least Earth 616. With a PHD under his furry belt from Oxford he was able to create Shadow Physics, a discipline which allows him to track vibranium on a quantum level allowing him to craft weapons against the substance. Who’s a good Kitty?


1. Lara Croft

An intelligent and athletic archaeologist adventurer… where have I heard that before? Along with being a sex symbol, Lara shares a lot with her male counterparts. But I do believe she kicks more ass than Indie or Drake and still looks amazing with all her face scratched up. Being a Tomb Raider, Lara would have to be a skilled linguist and have detailed knowledge of ancient civilisations. Combine that with being a weapons expert and excellent survival training, Croft has helped redefine gender roles in gaming. And we will never forget her most famous attribute… Her gigantic boobs.


This article was written by Liz McConnon. Liz is a massive fan of TMNT, DC, Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon & Gaming. 


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