We Know Zoom’s Intentions On The Flash… But It Just Poses More Questions!

The Flash returned last night to the CW network and it did so with typical good form and while it revealed why Zoom is after Barry’s speed, it didn’t give us any further insight into the Zoom conundrum! 

The mid-season finale dropped the bomb on us that Zoom was in fact Jay Garrick, but not the Jay Garrick who was helping Team Flash, another version of Jay Garrick and the whereabouts of Earth-1 Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon are unknown. A twist like this is not really surprising given the doppelgänger theme The Flash has been toying with these season and it is a theory that we proposed in a sense before… but more on that later.


For most of this episode of The Flash, it could have been passed off as the typical villain of the week filler episode that often occur every once in a while; but in the demise of our first female speedster, Trajectory, we found out the reason why Zoom is trying to steal Barry Allen’s speed!

If you recall, Jay Garrick was slowly dying from a degenerative cell disease that had been affecting him since he lost his speed. The Velocity-9 serum that Caitlin & Earth-2 Wells concocted was returning Jay to his speedy ways and also stemming the condition afflicting him… but only temporary. This condition is also affecting Zoom, who we now know to be a version of Jay Garrick. It seems that Zoom is using Velocity-9 to keep him from dying as he tries to steal Barry’s speed to cure himself of his terminal illness. We know this due to what happened Trajectory. Trajectory was not naturally a Speedster, she is the scientist Eliza Harmon. Harmon stole the formula for V-9 from Caitlin Snow and used it to gain her speed. When she overdosed on V-9 however, her body could not handle it and she was turned to a pile of goo… but not before her speed lightning turned blue. Who else has blue lightning? Zoom.


One would have been very sure earlier in the season that Zoom’s blue speed trails were merely a way to distinguish him during Speedster fights. The Flash is yellow, Reverse-Flash is red and Zoom blue; but now it is apparent that Zoom’s lightning is blue due to the fact that he is using V-9. This begs the question as to why Zoom hasn’t been obliterated like Trajectory was. Educated guess? It is because Jay Garrick/Zoom is a Speedster and his body is capable of processing the V-9 and the temporary connection it gives to the Speedforce. Although the blue lightning indicates that it is having an overbearing effect on his body. So now we know why Zoom is after Barry’s speed so vehemently, but it leaves us with more questions and riddles surrounding Jay Garrick.

Team Flash know that Jay Garrick is Zoom thanks to Cisco’s vibes. What they don’t know, and this is something that the audience knows, is that this Jay Garrick is not the one that was helping them. At least in the straightforward form. Us, the audience, has the benefit of knowing there is at least two Jay Garricks. Jay Garrick from Earth-2 & Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1, if not more. Here’s our suggestions on who this Jay Garrick may be:

1. Hunter Zolomon

Hunter Zolomon was easter-egged earlier in the season. When Caitlin was seeking a cure for Jay she suggested that they find his Earth-1 doppelgänger. It turned out Jay tried this route and found that there was no Jay Garrick on Earth-1. Jay’s doppelgänger exists, but goes by the name of Hunter Zolomon who was adopted by the Zolomon family as a baby. This is a name of significant meaning to fans of The Flash comics. Hunter Zolomon is Professor Zoom, an iteration of the Reverse-Flash that is the influence for the Zoom character we see today. It would be silly of The Flash writers to drop Zolomon’s existence on people and not use him, which is why we believe that Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon might be Zoom.


The mechanics of it however are where things get fuzzy. Hunter Zolomon is a citizen of Earth-1 but it is implied that he has been terrorising Earth-2 since their version of the Particle Accelerator explosion, presuming the two Earth’s run on parallel time then it would be tough to put him on both Earths. His powers would have had to manifest on one of the Earths when the explosion happened. If he was on Earth-1, then why did he not show himself and how did he make it to Earth-2? Remember the breaches only opened at the end of season one. So, if this is to work it must be presumed that Zolomon has discovered a way to traverse the Multiverse before the main breaches opened or that he was pulled through as a result of the incident that gave him his powers. Straws are being severely clutched here, but as mentioned it would be strange not to use Zolomon again.

2. Earth-3 Jay Garrick

Another Zoom possibility could be that it is a Jay Garrick yet another Earth, Earth-3. Historically in the DC Universe there is 52 different versions of Earth and they all come with varying versions of the same characters. If we have an Earth-2, then it is not a far-fetched notion to say that there is also an Earth-3. Once again though, we must presume that a breach was opened somewhere between Earth-2 & Earth-3 in order to allow Zoom traverse between Earths and start plaguing Earth-2 around the same time as their Particle Accelerator incident. It would also hint at the fact that certain events like illnesses will happen to certain people regardless of what Earth they exist on. This would also mean there are three versions of Jay Garrick barring any other twists or turns. This is before we even look at the man in the mask. Don’t get us started on that yet. *cough* Earth-2 Eddie Thawne *cough*.


There are rumours that the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode exists in an Earth-3 rather than Earth-2 and perhaps that event episode will tell us more about the chances of this theory coming to fruition. If this is the case, then once again we’re opened up to another whole new world where we could meet a whole host of new doppelgängers!

3. Evil Twin Syndrome

Another theory is that Jay & Zolomon are twins, with Zoom suffering from evil twin syndrome. Zolomon may still have been adopted at a young age leading to a dissent to his brother. Knowing his brother suffers from a degenerative cell disease, Jay offers to help him by developing a form of V-9. Jay does not suffer from the disease due to his powers and perhaps this is why he tries to give the same power to his brother to save him. However once the V-9 takes effect, Zolomon becomes Zoom and steals Jay’s speed. It is not enough however leading Zoom to chase Barry Allen. It stabilises him, but he is still dependent on the V-9 as mentioned above.


If this is to be the case, then Jay Garrick is still harbouring some secrets from Team Flash. When Jay brought Caitlin to show her Hunter Zolomon he was openly lying to her but in a bid to be loyal to his brother and not have him handed over to Team Flash in order to still help him and hope there is still some good inside him. If Zoom is truly evil, and he is, then he would have no problem killing his brother. Clichéd, but in The Flash anything is possible at this rate.

4. Eobard Thawne’s Disguise Technology

Remember the method Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash used to assume the identity of Harrison Wells? Well what if Zoom is using a form of this to take the identity of Jay Garrick so that he can get close to Team Flash in future episodes, not knowing of course that they have already deciphered that Zoom is a version of Jay thanks to Cisco’s vibes. It would have been an ideal way for Zoom to get close to Barry, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that damn Vibe!


This case however still does not answer the question of who Zoom is but at least it leaves Jay as Jay, Zoom as Zoom and does not require much in the way of far-fetched constructive physics to make it work as some of our previous thoughts did. You could see anyone from Henry Allen, Eddie Thawne, to even a new actor under the disguise of Jay Garrick. At this stage, we really cannot rule anything out with The Flash.

Admittedly, we are clutching at straws with these theories but we do feel that what we will see will be some variation of one of them. Mind you, we could be very very wrong and be so far off base when the reveal comes along but hey, that’s the fun in theorizing! Either way, the more you think about it, the more The Flash starts to become even more headmelting than LOST ever was and we’re in for a roller-coaster ride heading into the final episodes.


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