Deadpool Has Broken A Very Big Box Office Record!

Since its release, Deadpool has shown that the gamble to bring its R-Rated, profanity fueled main character to the big screen has been more than worthwhile. Now, it has broken another record.

Deadpool has now become the highest grossing R-Rated movie at the global box-office with a stellar $746 Million taken in across the globe. Considering Deadpool had a budget of $59 Million, it has now made approximately 12 times what it cost to make it. It has pipped The Matrix Reloaded to the top spot.


Before its release, we would have said $500 Million worldwide is what Deadpool would consider a very healthy success. With a pot of $750 Million and counting, it has exceeded our expectations and probably the expectations of all those involved in the creation of one of 2016’s most popular and successful movies.

Either way, we’re delighted with the success that Deadpool is experiencing and cannot wait to see what they bring us with the inevitable sequel and no doubt a more generous budget!


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