Fallout 4 Automatron DLC – Review

Fallout 4 has received the first of three DLC packs and we sat down all weekend to see what it is all about.

Like most Fallout expansion packs they bring so much to the wasteland even if you have not completed half of the side quests. Automatron starts you of by picking up a distress signal begging for help, after investigating you come across what is a small battle between KILLER ROBOTS, yeah, killer robots. Once you eliminate the robots you learn that a villain by the name of the Mechanist has released these killer robots all over the commonwealth and being the good hero you are you must stop this dastardly villain .


While the story is short with a run time of maybe four hours tackling it head on, there is some cool features with this DLC such as creating your very own robot army.  Previous robots such as Curie or the newly appointed companion Ada can be upgraded in various different ways such as mixing weapons. Ada who once carried a single shot laser can now wield a flame thrower and hook devastating your enemies while she slashes and burns them to a crisp. While the crafting works similar to what we have already seen in Fallout 4 improving a companions fighting abilities and making them stronger is a nice touch to the already creative sandbox.


The upgrades come in various forms, from changing the frame, head, arms, legs, paint and weapon systems you can take your average patrol bot and turn it into a deadly killing machine with his/her own custom voice. Weapons vary from a simple hook to a deadly mini-gun attached to either arm or why not have two mini-guns and watch your enemies fall before you while you laugh sinisterly. The creative side is brilliant with my Castle now being patrolled by my own army of robots. While this may be satisfying to watch the only way you can get to see your minions in action is to take them with you as most settlements have a high defence raiders never attack leaving your army wandering around waiting for something to happen, still looks cool.


Back to the story, although it may not being  lengthy it does deliver a decent story while some of the missions can be difficult with the over crowding number of killer maniac robots charging at you some with blasters others with knifes and chain blades. If you are not armoured up and have plenty of ammo you will find yourself dying a lot. Over all it is an enjoyable experience. Yes the story was mediocre but with the added customization and building your very own killer robots it is worth picking up. With two more DLC packs to drop in the next two months there is plenty of time to add more story to the game.


The Wasteland Workshop is the next DLC will arrive April adding a lot more building techniques to your settlements. Far Harbour is to be released in May and is said to be the biggest the add-on a video game has ever had. Far Harbour will open up more of the Commonwealth with new weapons, creatures, settlements and a brand new story. While Bethesda has said they will provide 60 USD worth of content,this possibly meaning we will get more than three DLC packs.





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