Petition Seeking To Remove Zack Snyder From The Justice League Movie Emerges

With the debate surrounding Batman v Superman rumbling on, it seems like one man is bearing the brunt of the negative criticisms. Zack Snyder. 

So much so that a petition has appeared online looking for his removal from the Justice League film and the DCEU. The petition, which is actually less than 3,000 shy of its 10,000 goal, will apparently be submitted to Warner Bros asking that they put in place a director who won’t make a movie that divides people like Batman v Superman has.


Here at Nerd Lowdown HQ, we did like the movie. Admittedly it had numerous flaws but was overall still a good, exciting movie featuring some of our favourite characters. The cast was great. Affleck, Gadot, Cavill and even Eisenberg put in a very good performance albeit not one that you would ever associate with the character of Lex Luthor. Some of the cinematography was fantastic too.  But alas, much like the manager of a football club, the director of a movie is the scapegoat placed in the firing line when things are not going to plan or going as a section of the fans would like. In this case, it is Zack Snyder that people want falling on his own sword.

However, much like the Deadpool PG-13 petition, this one will fall flat on its face. With Warner Bros already banking the best part of half a billion dollars worldwide and a good chunk more to come, Zack Snyder won’t be losing any sleep or suffering from nightmares about the directorial job centre. He will still be firmly in place in the directors chair for Justice League, especially seen as production already started a couple of weeks back. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, we’ll have to wait until the release of the Justice League movie to find out!


On a personal note, I must add that a film being divisive is not always a bad thing and nor does it make a bad film. Sometimes a film’s divisiveness is what will make it stick around for years to come.  Batman v Superman has proven that while it was not to some people’s tastes, others have already taken in multiple viewings. These differing view points create debate among fans, critics and other sources which can potentially prove to be constructive in the long run. It allows the production team to take on board the positive and the negative, taking both forward into the next film and attempting to right what did not work and enhance further what did – or at least that is the hope. Not since the first Avengers movie (not counting Deadpool) has there been so much widespread discussion surrounding a comic book movie, and positive or negative this is surely only a good thing.


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