Natural Born Pranksters (Review)

We checked out the latest Jackass-type OOT prank film from YouTube sensations Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and  Vitaly Zdorovetskiy as they play a series of stunts on the unknowing U.S public!

The only way to describe this film is that is Jackass’ long lost brother. This is a laugh out loud feel good 90min prank film that fans of the trio are sure to enjoy!
The trio especially, Roman Atwood are very charismatic and seem to be totally engrossed in wanting to give their all to there fans!

The pranks are hilarious and at times totally disgusting (one in particular!) – with familiar jokers making an appearance which includes Jackass himself Dave England making an appearance – this is one film the fans will totally go ape for!

For us however, we did sometimes get a little bored as we feel we had seen many of their pranks from their own personal pranking channels over on YouTube. We feel that some of the originality was not overly present – hence us not laughing as much as we wanted to!

That being said there are some hilarious moments through out the piece and we have to give the guys some massive kudos on getting their own film out there after all the controversy over their online pranking.

Natural Born Pranksters was release on April 1st in theaters, DVD, Video on Demand & Digital HD.

Overall, Natural Born Pranksters deserves to be enjoyed with a large group of friends – it’s honestly just a feel good film that will be really positively met by their online fans!

(Personal rating: 3.5/5) – nerd out!


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