5 Ways Batman v Superman Could Have Been Improved

Ok, so while we loved Batman v Superman we did admit that it clearly had its flaws. Here’s five things that may have just fixed those issues! 

1. Wonder Woman Should Have Been Kept Secret

One of the biggest things Warner Bros got wrong in the lead up to Batman v Superman was that their marketing campaign showed it to be a much lighter film than we got and blew its plot all in one go. But the biggest issue we feel after seeing the movie is that Wonder Woman should have been left out of the trailer, if not kept secret altogether.


Understandably, Warner Bros wanted to market the character in an attempt to enhance sales of tickets and toys but had we not seen Wonder Woman’s big entrance in the film it would have been a really pleasant surprise! Imagine only seeing Gal Gadot in the armour for the first time when Bruce Wayne finds the picture? Imagine the goosebumps when the flight attendant then calls her “Ms. Prince” and imagine the absolute childish excitement that we would have had when that awesome tune of hers kicked in and she leaped into battle? It may have dampened the negative reaction to some other aspects if they went this route.

2. Lex Luthor’s character

While Jesse Eisenberg put in a great performance overall and he cannot be blamed for acting the part he was given, the character that we seen wasn’t Lex Luthor we have come to know and love. All credit to artistic licence and a reimagining of the character, but it is understandable why so many people took this as their big negative leaving the film. Luthor came off closer to The Joker rather than the cold, calculated character hell-bent on world domination that we are all so familiar with.


With Lex Luthor’s character now locked away for presumably quite some time (but you know comic book prisons) he may not appear again for quite some time and may go through a personality change between now and then, perhaps it would have been better to put the rumoured Bryan Cranston in the role. Another way to look at it however is in the comment Lex Luthor makes about how his father “Put the Lex in LexCorp.”. Is it possible that this version we are seeing in Batman v Superman is actually a Lex Luthor Jr? We don’t think so, but it would certainly provide a bit more context to the character if this was the case. If Lex Sr was the cold, calculated and unloving towards his son it would explain why Lex Jr is as unstable as he is.

3. Recut The Knightmare/The Flash Scene

This is a scene where many casual viewers and those without an ingrained knowledge of the DC Universe were very lost. We cannot blame them. While those with that knowledge watched events unfold with great excitement thanks to all the foreshadowing that was on display, others were left scratching their heads. Parademons, Darkseid & this version of The Flash meant nothing to people, but with a bit of reworking it could have worked out better.

The Knightmare scene is a vision of the potential future. Darkseid has seemingly invaded and Superman has lost Lois Lane putting him an Batman at further odds. Batman even wields some firepower, that’s how f*cked up this timeline is. But the scene came out of nowhere with very little context and with a little reworking could have made things a little more seemless.


Firstly, The Flash should have come before and not after the Knightmare scene. The Flash and his connection to the Speed Force can do wickedly crazy things. Travel back in time (which he was doing) is one of them and it would not be a farfetched idea to say that The Flash can project visions of a potential future onto someone to warn them of soon to come events. We should have also gotten Barry Allen out of that silly Iron Man-esque suit and into a more traditional suit with the thunderbolt on full display (or Grant Gustin). Once we know it is The Flash coming with a warning, then moving into the Knightmare scene, we have a clearer picture for casual viewers what is going on.

4. Less Talky, More Fighty

While the opening acts perfectly set up the animosity  that both the entire planet & Batman have towards Superman along with Lex Luthor’s conspiracy, they were very drawn out with little or no action to be seen. Some would argue it necessary set up, while other pulled their hair out from boredom. After the Superman Africa incident up until the Batmobile scene there is only little snippets of action and one could argue that we were shortchanged on the whole Batman v Superman thing.


Rumour has it that the deleted scenes that will be included in the Ultimate Edition are what push it to an R-Rating, so presumably they contain more action which is perhaps just what Batman v Superman needed in lieu of some of the Superman – Alien on Earth scenes. Now, understandably Warner Bros wished to keep it at PG-13 in order to get the kids into the cinema and therefore bump their box office, but perhaps we will be getting a much better film once the Ultimate Edition is released on Blu-Ray.

5. Aquaman Fetching The Kryptonite Spear

Once Batman & Superman settle their grievances due to the fact their mothers share the same name (we jest, it is much deeper than this), Lois Lane disposes of Batman’s Kryptonite spear in order to stop it being used against her beloved Kal-El. In their time of need to defeat Doomsday, she then tried to fetch the spear but gets trapped under water.


This leaves Superman felling from the fight at hand, leaving Wonder Woman all on her badass lonesome to fight Doomsday. This is of course to further prove that nothing matters more to Superman than Lois Lane, and it made perfect sense to have Superman be the one to deliver the crushing blow to Doomsday and thus sacrificing himself for the greater good, ish, for now. But what if Aquaman was the one to at least fetch the spear & save Lois? Jason Momoa’s brief appearance as the King of Atlantis was one of the major highlights of the movie and it would have been seriously cool to have him turn up even just to fetch the spear from underwater. We could have had Superman stay in battle & still have that sacrificial moment, plus there would be less leg work to do in assembling the Justice League going forward with Aquaman now already having introduced himself.

In our opinion, these 5 areas would have made for an even better Batman v Superman film. As we said before, we liked it and some of us have even seen it twice, but that said it is not without flaw. Do you agree with our picks or feel there were other issues needed fixing? Do let us know!


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