Interview with OUTATIME Director Steve Concotelli!

A few weeks ago, we brought you the news that we would be interviewing Steve Concotelli the director of OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine the man who speared headed filming the restoration of the original DeLorean time machine ahead of the release of the extended version for OUTATIME movie this year. For anyone that’s a fan of Back to the Future, seeing the DeLorean restored to its former glory was a monumental moment, and was a trip down memory lane. So we are extremely excited to bring you fans said interview.

Nerd Lowdown: When was your first experience with Back to the Future?

Steve: I saw it in the theater in 1985.  I was 10 years old.  Seeing the DeLorean fly away at the end of the film was so incredible – it instantly stuck with me.  Even today, I can still feel that sense of excitement.

What was it that drew you into the series?

The Time Machine.   Of course, the trilogy is hilarious, exhilarating and wonderful.  But the Time Machine was simply the coolest car I had ever seen in a film.  It was science fiction, but the car just made so much sense.  You understood how the car worked.  It felt realistic and grounded in reality (as much as a Time Machine could).  I just love that.

How did you feel the first time you seen the DeLorean roll off the back of Doc’s truck in the first film?

I kind of answered that one above.

What was it like to work with Bob Gale the man who co-created the iconic film series?

It was an absolute dream come true.  When I started my film – I had never met Bob.  I was just a regular fan.  But when he found out about my film, he was incredibly supportive from day one.  To get that kind of support from the person who literally created Marty and Doc was a bit mind-blowing.  And Bob’s generosity didn’t stop there.  Bob was actually very involved in OUTATIME.  He made phone calls on my behalf, arranged meetings, got clearances, and helped me overcome countless obstacles.  OUTATIME could not have happened without him.


Steve, besides being a lifelong Back to the Future fan, what was it that made you start the Kickstarter to get this documentary off the ground?

To be honest – Joe made me!  Joe had been pushing me to do a Kickstarter for a while. He knew it was a great way to spread the word about the documentary and the restoration.  I was hesitant.  I didn’t think we would get a big response.  But Joe knew we would.  And he was right!

Steve, how blown away were you by the support of the fans through their donations to your Kickstarter project?

More like “overwhelmed”.  It’s great to see over 700 people back your film.  But quickly that excitement turns to panic as you realize that you now have to fulfill all these orders.  It’s been a year and we’re STILL fulfilling orders.

With both of you being lifelong Back to the Future fans,  how it felt to be a part of something as big as the restoration of the DeLorean and documenting its restoration?

It’s surreal.  I mean, here is the car I fell in love with when I was 10 – and now I’m actually sitting in it!  The same seat Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd sat in.

How disheartening was it to see the DeLorean sitting in the back lot of Universal

It was sad, of course.  As a fan, you don’t understand how that could happen.  But it turns out, Universal was doing a lot behind the scenes to keep the car going.  More than fans realize.  In fact, we talk about that in OUTATIME.  The only reason the car even exists is because Universal took steps to preserve it – at a time when most other studios were still throwing out their old props.

How stressful a year was it for everyone involved between filming crew and the restoration team?
Steve: There wasn’t any stress between us if that’s what you mean.  Most of the time, I was the only person on the film crew!  Just me, my camera, and whoever was working on the car that day.  I wasn’t a stranger, I was a part of the team like anybody else.  And my job was to shoot video.  (I hope that answers your question).

How much pride does it give both of you to see the DeLorean restored to its original state and on display for the world to see knowing the work both of you put into bring not only the restored car but the documentary to the world?
I’m tremendously proud.  I’m proud of Joe and the Team for performing the greatest prop restoration I’ve ever seen.  And I am thrilled that I could be there documenting it – so the world will know just how hard the team worked to restore the Time Machine.  

If both of you had your choice to restore another iconic movie car, and film its restoration which would you pick?
None.  I’m done with restorations.  This project was enough to last me a lifetime!


Steve Concotelli is the founder and the director of development of Cricket Pictures.

For over fifteen years, Steve has been creating high quality television.  In that time, he has worked every job in the industry, from Camera Operator to Editor.  Eventually, he climbed his way up to Executive Producer.  To date, Steve has helped create over 500 hours of innovative programming. In 2012 Steve founded Cricket Pictures, a boutique production company in Los Angeles.  At Cricket, Steve and his team excel at finding unique on-camera talent and developing dynamic formats around them.

Steve and his team have created, produced, and packaged several reality shows for series. Content partners include Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Spike, CMT, TruTV, and others. In 2015, Steve created and produced a 60 minute documentary “OUTATIME”, about the restoration of the real DeLorean Time Machine from “Back to the Future”.  Steve personally handled all aspects of the film – including negotiations, licensing, contracts, clearances, scheduling, budget, talent, editing and more. 

 The film was so successful that Universal Studios included a 20 minute version of the film on their 30th Anniversary “Back to the Future” BluRay box set. Currently, Steve is developing several projects for television and online distribution. Steve is represented by Chris Perez of Donaldson + Callif

(Steve Concotelli’s bio via Cricket Pictures.)

We here at Nerd Lowdown can’t thank Steve enough for taking the time to answer our questions, and also for working with us to bring something unique to our fans, while Steve is quite busy putting the final touches on the extended version of OUTATIME which is due out this year, we really appreciate him answering our questions. We hope to work with Steve some more in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for future articles about OUTATIME.


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