Nerd Lowdown Books Wrestlemania 32!

Wrestlemania is the biggest spectacle of the year for wrestling fans, its their superbowl. This years Wrestlemania  was in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas in front of a crowd of 101,763 fans (which broke the attendance record in the AT&T Stadium by 8,590 attendee’s). The main card featured 8 matches, (plus an impromptu match) with three titles being defended. Wrestlemania normally sets up a good chunk of the feuds that lead into the summer. At this years Wrestlemania there were some odd booking decisions. We here at Nerd Lowdown have decided to re-book the card in a way that we thought it should have been booked.




Zack Ryder VS Stardust VS Dolph Ziggler VS Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn VS Sin Cara VS The Miz – Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title.

How WWE booked the match: Zack Ryder climb the ladder, grabbed the title becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

How Nerd Lowdown would book it: Sami Zayn to grab the title and become Intercontinental Champion in his Wrestlemania debut. Don’t get it wrong, Zack Ryder winning was a fantastic Wrestlemania moment and one he is long overdue. How long is his title reign going to last though realistically? If his US title run is anything to go by, it won’t be long which is a shame, Ryder is a great wrestler, his gimmick is loved by the fans and he has the charisma, but sadly management don’t give him the push he deserves.

We would have had Sami Zayn win the match, it was the most logical outcome for the match, you can then have Kevin Owens chase the title trying to get it back feuding with Sami Zayn for the next few months. Anyone who watched Ring Of Honor and the independent scene know Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn from their time as Kevin Steen and El Generico and know how well they can work together. We know have the chance to see that on a WWE ppv, here is to hoping that WWE have a plan to have them feud into the summer.


AJ Styles VS Chris Jericho.

How WWE booked the match: Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles.

How Nerd Lowdown would book it: No brainer, have AJ Styles beat Jericho, it was his Wrestlemania debut after all, plus Jericho will likely be going off to tour with Fozzy so he will be off screen for a few months. While this match had happened 3 times before last night, it was still Wrestlemania, so it still had a big fight feel to it. Having Styles win would have established him and his arrival in WWE, it also freed him up to start a new feud tonight on Monday Raw.


The New Day  Vs The League of Nations.

How WWE booked the match: The League of Nations beat The New Day.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: The New Day beating The League of Nations. The New Day are so over with the crowd it made more sense for them to go over, especially given how they made their entrance. The whole purpose for this match was to have someone for Austin, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels to beat down. WWE could have had The New Day pick up the win, have The League of Nations beat them down after the match, which would give the 3 legends a reason to come out and fight. Made no sense to have The New Day lose.


Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred Street Fight.

How WWE booked the match: Brock Lesnar defeats Dean Ambrose.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: Dean Ambrose defeats Brock Lesnar. I know it has been said that Ambrose wouldn’t be hurt as much with a lose as Brock Lesnar would, but you have to ask the question, would he really? Brock Lesnar is a top draw, he wrestles a handful of times a year and whenever he shows up he sells out arena’s and sells ppv’s, he could easily afford to take a lose, especially if he is going to be off tv until Summerslam at most.

Dean Ambrose on the other hand, needed the win, while yes he is extremely over with the fans, he is the future of the company. One of the new generation to lead the WWE into the future and he needs big wins over guys like Brock Lesnar to establish himself as a true main event player. The match was only 13 minutes and 6 seconds long, have Dean Ambrose narrowly get the win and have the match 5 minutes longer and it could have been match of the night.


Sasha Banks VS Charlotte VS Becky Lynch for the Womens Championship.

How WWE booked the match: Charlotte made Becky Lynch tap out becoming the first Womens Champion.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: Bringing back the Womens Championship was a great move by WWE, the Diva’s division was poor and over stayed its welcome, but the winner of the match could have been re-booked.

Sasha Banks should have walked out of Wrestlemania 32 as Womens Champion. She was the crowd favourite, she is the better wrestler of the three involved in the match and all signs pointed to it being her night, but alas, WWE had a different idea. Having Sasha Banks spear head the newly resurrected Womens division would have been best for business.


Shane McMahon VS The Undertaker inside Hell In a Cell. If Shane wins he gets control of WWE RAW, if Undertaker loses he can no longer wrestle at Wrestlemania.

How WWE booked the match: Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon with a Tomb Stone Piledriver.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: Given the magnitude of what was at stake during this match, Shane McMahon should have come out of this match as the victor. While it may have been hard to believe that Shane could have been the second man to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Shane by all accounts should have some how won this match.

The Authority is getting old as a gimmick, RAW is in need of a major shake up. Having Shane win and take control, getting rid of the Authority made the most sense. WWE could have easily accomplished this. Someone could have interfered in the match to help Shane win, someone like say……. The Balor Club??? While it would have meant the end of Taker at Mania, Shane could have come out on RAW and lifted that stipulation, thus giving the fans the change the company has long needed and Undertaker could still wrestle at Wrestlemania.

Why WWE brought Shane back and built this match up as big as they did just to have him lose is baffling. Maybe we’ll get more answers on RAW tonight.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

How WWE booked the match: Baron Corbin won by eliminating Kane.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: This is the only booking decision we would not change. WWE got it right on the money by having NXT rookie Baron Corbin win this match. It was a nice way to introduce him to the main roster, the real question is will WWE do anything with Corbin or will he be treated like Cesaro and Big Show were when they won? like an after thought.


Triple H VS Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

How WWE booked the match: Roman Reigns hits Triple H with a spear for the 3 count winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

How Nerd Lowdown would have booked it: Setting aside the fact that we aren’t the biggest Roman Reigns fans due to WWE forcing him upon us and forcing us to accept him as the next face of the company, we would have had Triple H win this match. Why you might ask? For the simple reason of saying F**K You to the fans.

Ever since Triple H won the Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble back in January fans have known what the main even of Wrestlemania was going to be and have known who would win. What a better way to stick it to the fans than have Triple H retain the title? It would shut fans up, they wouldn’t complain about a predictable main event, and it shake things up. Plenty of talent for Triple H to feud with over the title had he kept it past Wrestlemania, but sadly WWE are continuing to force Reigns upon us.


Well folks that’s how we here at Nerd Lowdown would have booked Wrestlemania 32, changed every result bar one. Do you agree? Any thoughts of your own? let us know.


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