BREAKING: Doctor Strange Trailer Debuting Next Week!


It has emerged that a trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch will be debuting on the 12th of April on the Jimmy Kimmel show! According to EW, the trailer for Marvel’s November release will be unveiled by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Cumberbatch.


The trailer release will come as part of the late-night chat show’s Marvel week which begins on April 11th to promote Captain America: Civil War, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & Doctor Strange among so much more. Keep your eyes peeled all next week for any bomb shells dropped as we’re sure Marvel will have more than a few surprises in store for us!

Marvel have become accustomed to using Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a medium for releasing their trailers to the world with the first Civil War trailer also debuting their among others. Both Marvel Studios and ABC which hosts Jimmy Kimmel’s show are owned by Disney. Nice little cross-marketing ratings booster by the House of Mouse!

One could also guess that the mid or end credits sequence for Captain America: Civil War will also feature Doctor Strange in some shape or form as a further introduction for the character before the film releases in Novemver.


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