Warner Bros Amends Their DC Comics Release Schedule – Two Untitled Films Given Release Dates!

We’re now almost two weeks since the release of Batman v Superman and discussion about the future of Warner Bros DC Expanded Universe is still a hot topic online.  While many clamour for yet another reboot, it seems that Warner Bros at least have confidence in the brand they are developing  and this is proven by todays news about the expansion of their film slate! According to THR, Warner Bros have given release dates to two untitled DC Comics films along with bringing the release date for Wonder Woman forward a couple of weeks!


This is how things currently stand:

  • March 25th 2016 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • August 5th 2016 – Suicide Squad
  • June 2nd 2017 – Wonder Woman
  • November 17th 2017 – Justice League Part 1
  • March 16th 2018 – The Flash
  • October 5th 2018 – Untitled DC Comics film
  • July 27th 2018 – Aquaman
  • April 5th 2019 – Shazam
  • June 14th 2019 – Justice League Part 2
  • November 1st 2019 – Untitled DC Comics film
  • April 3rd 2020 – Cyborg

The news that Warner Bros will be moving Wonder Woman forward is very exciting news given Gal Gadot’s short but effective appearance as Diana Prince was a highlight of the critically disputed Batman v Superman. Though this move may be tactical also due to the fact that rather than compete with Transformers for ticket sales, Wonder Woman will now compete with Bad Boys 3. The latter Warner Bros obviously see as inferior competition in comparison to Michael Bay’s latest Robots in Disguise effort.


The untitled films you could certainly take a good stab at what they might be. The October 2018 release we can guess with a fair amount of confidence will be a Ben Affleck Batman solo film, possibly even written and directed by the Bat himself. Even those most critical of BvS raved about Affleck’s performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman & Warner Bros will definitely see great worth in green lighting a new Batman film… or even Trilogy. It also leaves a bit more breathing space between a new Batman film & the Christopher Nolan trilogy which we’re sure still plays on some people’s minds.

The November 2019 release is a more difficult prospect. A Green Lantern Corps movie was confirmed to be released in 2020 and that Warner Bros/DC would only be forging ahead with it when they can ensure they do justice to the character. They may well wait until after 2020’s Cyborg (and Teen Titans?) to give the world Green Lantern given how well the Ryan Reynolds lead movie went. There is still every chance that this release date will be attributed to Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Guy Gardner or even all three Lanterns and more, but it all depends on Warner Bros confidence in the project. Another option could be a quick release sequel to 2018’s potential Batman movie. If they could convince Ben Affleck to film back to back, you could grind out two Batman movies in a year that would be guaranteed bankers for Warner Bros, especially in comparison to other prospects.


Of course, release date chess is a game that film studios play very often so don’t take these as guaranteed dates just yet.


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