Could God of War 4 Be Swapping Greek Mythology for Norse???

If you grew up playing the Playstation chances are you’ve played the God of War series made by Santa Monica Studios, or have at least came across them. The tell the story of a Spartan Warrior named Kratos who is out for revenge on the Greek Gods, after been tricked into doing their bidding and being tricked into accidentally slaughtering his family. There is a whole lot more to the series be we don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t played them.

The infamous game series has seven outings in it, God of War 1, 2, 3, God of War Ghost of Sparta, God of War Chains of the Olympus, God of War Betrayal, and God of War Ascension. There is no sign of an installment on the PS4…… Yet!Now the follow bit of information must be taken with every grain of salt possible, as it is extremely far into rumor territory. Rumor going round is that God of War 4 if it is happening is supposedly swapping out the Greek mythology for that of the Norse Gods.

Prominent leaker Shinobi602 tweeted the following on his twitter account a few days ago:

For those who don’t know of Shinobi602 he leaked information about Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield Hardline which was spot on.


Concept art has surfaced on Neogaf from the source code of concept artist Finnian MacManus’ website  who worked at Sony Santa Monica between September 2015 and December 2015 on an unannounced project give us a glimpse at possible God of War 4 concepts and ideas.

The images provide us with a load of images which if prove to be from God of War 4 would make the mouths of any fans of the series water. Some of the images even hint towards Kratos being the protagonist of the game, the images below which can be found on  Neogaf make mention of Kratos in regards to environmental objects that can be interacted with:



The most striking image though hints towards Kratos being the main protagonist of the series is the one below, in the background you can make out a character. A character that looks extremely like Kratos, he has the traditional red running across left shoulder and the left side of his face and he appears to be quite old and rocking a fuller beard.



Could this really be Kratos? For anyone that played and finished God of War 3 know how the game ended, and it left you questioning what if? Fans of the series have a load of questions about the game if it is to be set in a Norse setting, like how does Kratos get to Valhalla? Is it in the same universe as the God of War series? What would drive him to go after the Norse Gods? How long after the original series is it set?

We could go on and on with questions as we here at Nerd Lowdown couldn’t be anymore curious, alas though, we will have to wait until any sort of formal announcement is made or anything is confirmed. We do think it is a great idea to shift the focus away from the Greek mythology and to change it up. It is one of the big franchises that Sony has, and after 7 games set around Greek mythos, a change of scenery is needed.

What do you guys think? Is this a good or bad idea? Let us know.


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