Quantum Break Review

After months of anticipation Remedy Entertainment’s  Quantum Break has finally arrived. After hours of defying physics we will give you a spoiler free review.

2771302-quantum-break_2015_08-04-15_011Quantum Break is an interesting game, it conjoined a live action show and game together and really made it work. Running on the Northlight Engine, Quantum Break was visually perfect eye porn if you will. Jumping into the story you are introduced to Jack Joyce played by Shawn Ashmore. Jack has returned to his home of River-port to lend a hand to his friend Paul Serene played by our very own Aidan Gillen. Paul has developed a machine that can transport an individual to the past or future aka a time machine. The story that follows is gripping fast paced and thrilling, with a great cast and a brilliant plot the story could have been stretched out for a few more hours while it had the potential and the great story in the end it just fell short.


The combat system worked reasonably well. You pick up various type of weapons from pistols to automatic rifles which have a futuristic look to them and sound okay at best. Mixing weapons and the powers you receive through out the story prove a deadly combination  with out revealing to much on the powers I will say they allow you to alter time and use it to your advantage which is very fun, although the cover system does not work as well as it should there was moments even behind cover I was being killed which can be infuriating and cause one to throw a controller across a room.


The live action segment which took place after every chapter shows the live action side to the story, All characters in the game are played by themselves and do an amazing job at one point I forgot I was actually playing a game. Through out the story you have opportunities to make decisions that will alter the story but also hinting what can happen this will in turn change how the live action plays out. The live action show was brilliant if they started an actual show it would be a hit.


Quantum Break and it’s world has so much information in it. There is emails, notes, whiteboards and various other readable items which will sway your decision making be prepared to read  alot of useless and very useful information. If you’re not a big fan of reading this might throw you of and you will miss key information on the characters in the story.

The cast of Quantum Break do deserve a mention, they delivered an excellent  performance with Shawn Ashmore being the star of the show his accompanying actors such as Dominic Monaghan and Lance Reddick played strong roles and delivered through out the game and during the live action


Overall Quantum Break is a great game, I got 9 and a half hours play time. Quantum Break does have that return appeal to see the other outcome of the decisions I missed. While there is room for improvement this writer is confident we will see a sequel in the near future and these problems will be addressed, Incorporating live action into the story worked so well looked great and we can be sure it will become a trend for alot more titles.

We recommend you play this game.




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