Why The Division Needs Strong Story DLC To Stay On Top

The Division has taken over as one of the best online RPGs to ever be released but will it keep that title or will it crash and burn?

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The Division is an excellent game, no argument here. The game mechanics work great, the world looks superb and PVP works great. There is one major flaw to The Division which we find in most open world games. Repetition . I have lost count on how many times I have saved civilians from the cleaners or disrupted an arms deal between the Rioters and Rikers. While the Dark Zone can be fun gaining new gear & making friends, it is the same old thing over and over again and after a while it can get very boring. This has meant a lot of people have already changed to another game because “there is nothing to do anymore”.

With the majority of games now hosting an online mode the plot of the games are starting to deteriorate rapidly. Without naming fingers and pointing names big title game’s story modes are lasting on average 4-5 hours; that is your introduction to the character the world and the plot then your story and then the ending of the game. A game with a powerful story or a game with intent to tell a detailed story in this writer’s opinion should  last a minimum of 12 hours or maybe 8 with a sequel to continue on.  While consumers are paying on average seventy quid for games now a days it would be nice to get our moneys worth. We are taking into consideration how much it does cost to make a game and pay the people who are developing it and it is no small amount.

How can a game such as The Division continue to hold our attention? Add ons to the brilliantly scripted story, of course. Unless you have completed all of the missions and reached the final echo clearing up what happened to the rogue agent, I’d recommend you stop reading now!

Well now that we know that our rouge agent Adam has run of with another strain of the virus and shot dead the scientist that could have come up with a cure we ask: That can’t be all, can it? Ubisoft would be crazy to leave the story like that. What we need in The Division is a strong continuation of that story expanding out further than down town Manhattan. While there are sections of the map that could be possibly opened up. For example the area toward Central Park looks like it could be playable in the near future, and with the recent ‘map glitch’ players were breaking out of the map and wandering toward unfinished areas. Expanding the map would reduce the feeling of ‘I have done this before’ and give players that extra encouragement to conquer another area of the virus ridden city.


With adding to the playable area expanding on the story and throwing more customizable gear into the mix players whom have lost interest will come back. Falcon Lost being the latest update added a few nice features into the game. One being an extra side mission following the defeat of the LMB and the rest being revolved around PVP. While this neat little update will tie people over for a few weeks a major story package will need to surface in order to make The Division stay on top and give players what they truly desire.

To many games have fallen victim to the online bug ignoring the fact that a great story can be more powerful than hosting an online mode for return appeal.  While I myself  really enjoyed The Division I am looking forward to finding out where the story will go next, how deep it will go and how much satisfaction I will get when the story finally comes to a close. While I am waiting for this I have gone through side missions and the online mode which has become very repetitive. We have every confidence that Ubisoft have plans for The Division and it will not fail like so many other online RPGs have.

What do you think? Do games lack a story or is online multiplayer more important than a single player story? Let us know in the comments below.



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