Iron Man Is Coming To Spider-Man Homecoming

It is fair to say that every is excited to see Spider-Man Homecoming, the first movie in a joint partnership between Marvel and Sony Pictures, which will see one of Marvels most beloved characters come home. It is set for release in July 2017, and speculation as to who may be cast in the film and if other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would appear in it.

Well in what is no real surprise, Mister MCU has joined the cast of Spider-Man Homecoming. That’s right Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man himself will be joining Spider-Man in his first MCU outing. According to a report by The Hollywood Report RDJ has finalized a deal which will see him appear in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.


Robert Downey Jr will star along side Tom Holland in what we know will not be an origin story for Spider-Man. We have seen that numerous times before, and by now everyone is familiar with Spider-Man’s origins. Casting Robert Downey Jr makes sense as we know from his Civil War bio that Iron Man personally recruits Spider-Man to help him fight against Captain America. This gives a nod to the fact that Tony may have been keeping an eye on Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

While we won’t be getting an origin story, maybe Homecoming will give a flash back of sorts or hint as to how Peter got his powers. The MCU could change it up, it could have been something at Stark Industries that gave Peter his powers. Judging by the suit he will be wearing in Civil War which looks to include Stark Tech (those eyes though) it could be possible that Peter and Tony have known each other for a while and have a good relationship. Peter could have been interning at Stark Industries or could be there on work experience, it’s hard to tell how Marvel will go about tying Peter and Tony together.


It is certainly going to be interesting to see how the new Spider-Man movie will play out. We have two of our main characters, all we need know is a good villain to be cast.

How do you feel about RDJ being cast? Let us know.


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