Top 10 Heroes That Turned To Villainy!

Since Suicide Squad is the talk of the town lately, let’s flip the switch and have a look at some of our heroes who fell from grace and became villains. Let’s face it, everyone loves a good heel-turn!

10. Saren (Mass Effect)

An agent of The Council and a defender of the galaxy, when we first meet Saren he is ruthless, cunning and capable, but still a good guy, however he has outspoken anti human expansion ideals. (Racist!) Despite this he remains The Councils top agent as he gets results.


When Saren encounters Sovereign (an ancient Reaper) he learns the fate of many civilisations that came before and instead of trying to destroy the Reaper he befriends it, determining that servitude may be the only chance to save organic life in the galaxy. As Saren spends more time with the alien he begins to become indoctrinated and his free will slips away. He then becomes the Reapers greatest agent, killing many innocent citizens even his friend and ally Nilus.

9. Shane (The Walking Dead)

Rick Grimes partner at the Sheriff’s department and long-time friend, things began to go south for Shane when he began to harbour feelings for his best friend’s annoying wife during a freaking zombie apocalypse! Acting leader until Rick’s inevitable arrival he was demoted to second-in-command. (For the team and Lori)


He developed an obsession with Lori after they had a brief affair; it’s during the second season of the show where we see Shane’s motives truly come to light. He brutally sacrificed Otis and murdered Randall in order to protect the group. (This is something that Rick wouldn’t bat an eyelid at nowadays!) Luring Grimes to a field to help look for Randall, it’s clear that Shane plans to kill him and when Rick smells a rat he stabs his now former friend saying he brought it upon himself. He didn’t even get to rub his head one last time!!!

8. Terra (Teen Titans)

Yes, It’s kind of cheating because she was evil all along.. But we didn’t know!! After developing friendships with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and the others it was revealed that Terra had made a packed with Deathstroke to observe and eventually destroy the Titans. Growing up isolated and alone will do that, also letting Slade ride you like a bike would not help your mental stability.


With the help of Deathstroke’s son, Jericho, the Titans were able to defeat Terra and she was left crushed beneath a building. But people don’t stay dead for long in comics as she re-emerged as a Black Lantern, only to be killed again by her brother Geo-Force. What a wonderful life she led.

7. Daisy Fitzroy (Bioshock Infinite)

Leader of the Vox Populi, a group that rejected the xenophobic ideologies spread through Columbia, Daisy was framed for the death of Lady Comstock and was arrested. During her interrogations she was found to have genius level intellect and as far as all of Columbia (a pretty cloud city with dark intentions) was concerned a Black woman could not, should not be smarter than a White man, woman or child. So a lobotomy was planned. (Cause of course that’s the only solution!) Fortunately Daisy was able to escape from that fate.


As the Vox grew in power Fitzroy sought to destroy The Founders of Columbia. When Booker and Elizabeth witness her murder Jeremiah Fink it is clear to them that she will do anything for her dream to be a reality. She orders her men to attack the pair and when all the soldiers are dealt with Daisy holds a gun to Finks child, a final act of desperation. While Booker distracts her, Elizabeth sneaks behind her with a scissors stabbing her in the back. (This game though… *Drools*)

6. Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Before the gypsy curse, Angel was a bad vampire… And I’m not talking Edward Cullen bad. That’s an entirely different kind of bad. Angel and Buffy decide to bump uglies and the curse that kept his soul in place was reversed stripping away his humanity once again. Angelus was back and ready to kill Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang. Yeah, that’s what they called themselves. Realising that having sex with Angel was the cause of this change, Buffy did what any Hero would do and went and had a good cry.


A few beheadings later and Willow is the one who restores Angels soul to his body, just before Buffy has to send him to hell to save the world of course (How Romantic!). He later returns by some unknown force with his soul intact. YAY!

5. 343 Guilty Spark

343 Guilty Spark is the monitor of Installation 4 and was created by the Forerunners. Recruiting Master Chief as a Reclaimer he explains that because of his programming he cannot reunite the index with the Core and activate the Halo Ring (This sounds more complicated than it actually is). Believing it would eliminate The Flood (decaying, zombie alien swarm) the Chief agrees to help, although never enthusiastically I might add.

343_Guilty Spark

Cortana later informs the Chief (and us) that the Ring will not only eliminate The Flood but also all organic life. When Guilty Spark confirms this he assumes that the Chief knew what was happening and calls it his responsibility to activate the Ring (Of course we didn’t know you little lying f*ck-bot).  He then orders the Sentinels to attack Chief, killing them and the generators buys The Chief and Cortana some time and 343 Guilty Sparks plans are delayed.

4. Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Best friends with Sora and Kairi, the trio spend their days dreaming of the day they can leave the island and explore other worlds. As rivals, Riku and Sora compete for everything, even Kairi’s attention.


When the Heartless invade the island darkness surrounds the friends and engulfs Riku but Sora is granted the Keyblade. Found by Maleficent, Riku begins to be corrupted by her. He comes to believe that Sora has replaced his friendship with Donald and Goofy and eventually allies himself with the villains. Riku appears throughout the game as to trick or battle Sora. Remember when dumbass Pinocchio fell for his trick and you get your ass handed to you time and time again only to watch a 5 minute cut scene every time you die? No?! Because I f*cking do!!

3. Jason Todd (DC Comics)

DC did something a little different in 1988, letting fans vote whether or not the second Robin would die. And when those bloodthirsty votes revealed his fate he was beaten and blown up by Joker. Oh but then Superboy Prime punched reality knocking the shit out of it and Jason was alive once again. But this time, he was an angry young man. Bitter and vengeful, he couldn’t understand why Batman had let him die, or worse, why he had not avenged him. Feeling betrayed he was going to show Batman what he should have done.


Slipping more into the anti-hero role, Jason became Red Hood. Triggering a Gotham gang war and killing a few low level thugs and villains was all in a day’s work. After his visit to Earth-51 (a reality where after Jason death Batman goes on a killing spree) he assumes the name and costume of Red Hood.

2. Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men)

When the sentient cosmic entity known as the Phoenix force made contact with a dying Jean Grey, it made a duplicate of her, infusing a portion of her consciousness in the new host body. The Phoenix was born and the X-Men believed her to be the real Jean.


She maintained a ‘Hero’ persona before the Hellfire Club began messing with her mind. The Phoenix could only be controlled for so long, before she became the Dark Phoenix and consequently began to battle the X-Men. During the fight, Jeans mind asserted itself through the alien being and she killed herself to stop it from harming anyone else. (Right in front of Scott too!) When the host was destroyed, Jeans mind returned to its original body which had been kept safe in a cocoon, which was later found by the X-Men. Years later when Grey found out that Cyclops was having an affair with Emma Frost (guess he didn’t love her that much!) the Phoenix Force once again took over her body. Now known as White Phoenix, Jean inhabits a higher level of reality.

And in first place of this wretched hive of villainy…


Drum roll please


1. Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

This list could not be completed until Skywalker made his appearance. The biggest Judas since.. well Judas. Anakin was once a Jedi knight, but he became plagued by visions of Natalie Portman dying. Or Padme or Amidala! Whatever she likes to call herself. His desire to keep the ones he loved safe eventually drove him to the Dark Side of the Force.


Betraying the Jedi Order and pledging himself to chancellor Palpatine (secretly Darth Sidious) and later causing the death of his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. His treachery is legendary and his name forever tarnished. It was all Hayden Christensen’s fault! I blame him!

This article was written by Liz McConnon. Liz is a massive fan of TMNT, DC, Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon & Gaming.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Heroes That Turned To Villainy!”

  1. Jason Todd is definitely my favourite! Great writeup thanks! Have you shared this on any movie websites before?


  2. I notice “best of” usually means “best of” currently popular media, by and for those whom aren’t familiar with the genre. This list is pretty meh imo….no offense.


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