Achievements And Trophies Adding Value To Gaming!

If you play either Playstation or Xbox then you know full well what trophies and achievements are. Those little rewards that pop up on screen when you complete a certain aspect of a games story or kill so many of a certain enemy etc. In this post we look at how rewarding trophies and achievements are and how they have added value to videogames.

Cast your mind back to when you were young and playing video games, once you complete the game unless you really really like it,  chances are that you didn’t play it again unless you were really bored and had nothing else to play. In saying that the Pokemon games are rewarding and they don’t have any form of trophy or achievement. It is hard to cast your mind back to a time before trophies and achievements, and think I loved this game I’m going to play it over and over,  they have become synonymous with video games in this day and age. They add a sense of reward and value to video games these days.

Lets be honest, trying to complete the game on the hardest difficulty for the fun of it isn’t something many people would do these days. Say you complete the game on the hardest difficulty and a notification pops up saying you have received 100 gamerpoints on Xbox or a Gold trophy on Playstation, it fills the player with a sense of reward, and gives them a sense of “hey! that was worth playing through again and nearly flipping the hell out!” or “yeah! one step closer to getting every achievement or trophy!”. It is great to be rewarded for playing through it again.


I remember the first time I got a trophy, I was playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the Playstation 3 and I found my first treasure, then in the top left hand corner of the screen a notification popped up – trophy unlocked  First Treasure – Find Your First Treasure, it was a bronze trophy, and I thought to myself, wow I am being rewarded for playing through a game I have been dying to play, this is awesome. I was amazed that I got a trophy for doing something, as growing up, this was never the case, not I had more reason to play the game.

Some trophies/achievements are more rewarding than others. I remember playing WWE 13 again on PS3 and I got The Streak Ends Gold trophy for beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania on Legendary difficulty. I had been trying to get the trophy for about 3 hours, it was 3am when I got it, the controller had nearly gone through the tv several times, but when they trophy popped up, it was like the 3 hours of stress was worth it.

The most rewarding trophies for myself as a PlayStation player is getting a Platinum trophy – which is a trophy obtained through getting every other trophy in the game. Currently I have 3 and I am aiming for a 4th. For me it gives me reasons to play games again, but not only that, but it is extremely rewarding getting more trophies for playing through the game again, besides the fact that I love whatever game it is I am playing, there is something else in it for me. The photo below is a legit representation of how I felt when I unlocked the trophy – no word of a lie.


We have a few words from our editor in chief and which Xbox achievement he found most rewarding.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Crack The E Nigma – 20G

I’m not usually one for getting pedantic about achievements. I’m happy enough to play the story & side missions and not bother with achievement hunting. It was never my thing. The Riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum however were another story. I slogged and slogged at those. They drove me insane but I couldn’t just leave it. Once I achieved it, I felt a massive sense of pride having beaten the Riddler and proving myself (or Batman) as the World’s Greatest Detective.


Trophies for myself anyway and I’m sure achievements as well do add more value to video games these days, giving the player reason to play them again, giving them a reason to search every nick and cranny of levels or sit up till all hours stressing out like crazy trying to get passed a certain part of the game. It also means the player gets value for the price they pay for the game. Games these days are pretty expensive, there are between €65-€75 for standard editions now, so paying that money and only playing it once doesn’t justify the price, but going hunting for trophies/achievements has the player going back to the game again and again getting more value out of it.


I myself currently have 2417 trophies: 3 Platinum, 68 Gold, 371 Silver and 1975 Bronze, so I have gotten plenty of extra value out of my video games, especially ones that I wouldn’t be pushed to play again. (anyone on PSN, my psn tag is below – feel free to add)

Video games have come a long way over the past number of years, and trophies/achievements are definitely a way of giving back to the fans that buy and play them, reward them for their love and dedication to so many different series of video games.

Do you think trophies/achievements add value to video games or are they pointless? Let us know.


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