Ratchet and Clank Review

Never have I longed for a classic video game franchise to be rebooted as much as I wanted Ratchet & Clank to be that reboot.The game based on the movie based on the game is sheer nostalgic to begin with shooting back to 2002 when we were first introduced to the odd couple Ratchet & Clank just stole our hearts full of humour great game-play and great stories the two took us all over the galaxy and we were glad to follow.


Jumping forward to 2016 and here we are a full remastered version of the iconic game. While the main story is different to what we had experienced in the original it is very good. Ratchet finding a tiny robot with information on how Chairman Drek plans to destroy planets in order to build his own super planet and must rush to inform the Galactic Rangers. While not getting into the new story and revealing spoilers the story is very different in some areas with new characters and enemies and some familiar faces but in a very different form.


The controls have been fully upgraded Playstation 4 style full control of the camera which we lacked in the first and led to awful views while battling a ton of Amimbos. Graphically the game is beautiful planet’s such as Veldin and Novalis from the original all return in this reboot and looked amazing the colour the wild life and vegetation are all more common and stand out more shadowing water fire all look spectacular running on Playstation 4 .


While Ratchet & Clank went down quite well with me there were some things that struck me as strange one being why the story was changed in the 2002 version you must defend the galaxy yourself but in the reboot Ratchet wants nothing more than to join the Galactic Rangers and protect the galaxy with them while this could lead any sequels in a different direction changing a perfectly good story feels pointless to me. Some of the old cartoonie movement during cut-scenes is just not there all emotions are shown through the face while the rest of the body is just left limp Ratchet & Clank being known for its cartoon humour this was a major aspect to leave out. The jokes in the original were aimed at adults so it flew over most kids heads even returning to play the original it is only now 14 years later I am getting them such as Courtney Gears a generous nod to Britney Spears nothing hostile just silly humour, This I feel was absent from the Ps4 reboot.


The weapons are as great as ever random crazy weapons from the Sheepinator to the Glove Of Doom are all present and accounted for with a new neat upgrade system, collecting enough raraitanium and going to your nearest Gadget-tron vendor you can upgrade how much ammo you carry, how much bolts will be shaken down from a foe once attacked and various other cool upgrades you still have the traditional upgrade system were the more you use the weapon it increases in xp and gains a much cooler look as well as damage increases.


Over all Ratchet & Clank have made a comeback and fingers crossed they are here to stay. The reboot gave me that nostalgic feeling and sent shivers down my spine as it did 14 years ago altough the changes that have been made some were unnecessary and weakened the final outcome of the game it is as the saying goes “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”.

Ratchet & Clank will undoubtly return and we will be waiting to travel across the galaxy with them on their adventures.





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