Trailer for DC’s Latest Animated Movie Batman: The Killing Joke Released!

If you are a fan of Batman comics in anyway you will have read or come across Batman: The Killing Joke at some stage.

Written by Alan Moore and released in March 1988, it tells the story of how the Joker tries to drive Commissioner Gordon mad. Pointing out to Batman that he is only one bad day away from becoming the Joker. In case anyone hasn’t read it, I won’t get into any major plot details, but it should be noted that it also gives us a bit of an origin story on the Joker, and the man he was before he became the murderous psychopath we know him to be.

DC plan to turn the iconic comic book into an animated movie, which they confirmed last year, and even announced that Kevin Conroy would return to voice Batman, and that Mark Hamill would return to voice the Joker. Warner Brothers Animation and Warner Brothers Entertainment released the first teaser trailer for the animated movie on Tuesday night.

The films trailer shows off several key panels from the iconic comic, and it has a monologue by Batman playing over it, which is taken word for word from the pages of the comic. Again not to give any of it away, but it is exactly as it is in the comic.

Batman: The Killing Joke has a R-Rating, which is a first for DC animated movies, showing that they want to stick to the comic panel for panel.

Batman: The Killing Joke is expected on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD in July 2016



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