Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns To Have FULL CREATIVE CONTROL Over Batman Solo Project

This may be the most exciting news to emerge from the aftermath of Batman v Superman but one that makes us oh so giddy inside! 

According to Heroic Insider ft. Hollywood producer Daniel Alter & Heroic Hollywood‘s Umberto Gonzales, Batfleck & DC icon Geoff Johns will have full creative control over the Batman solo project. Yes, you read that right. Full. Creative. Control.


This is major news for fans of Batman & Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the character! After Batman v Superman, there were many staunch critics of Zack Snyder’s handling of the characters he was given to play with (we loved it though!) and even to the extent of launching petitions to get him out of the director’s seat of Justice League. There were many worried when it was announced that Ben Affleck was put in the director’s chair for Batman that Zack Snyder’s over-arcing universe would have a heavy hand on the future Batman movie we would get.

But if Heroic Hollywood’s sources are solid, then what we will get is a Batman movie sculpted entirely by Ben Affleck, who also directed The Town & Argo, with Geoff Johns acting as a guardian angel of sorts. Johns’ job will be to guide Affleck in terms of comic book lore, character points and references etc., ensuring that Affleck’s story is a Batman story that does justice the comic books and 75+ years of beloved history.

This is Marvel having creative control over Spider-Man sort of exciting. Not only is Ben Affleck perhaps the best Batman/Bruce Wayne we have seen on-screen, but he is a fantastic film-maker and writer. Geoff Johns is also a DC Comics legend and has crafted some fantastic Batman & DC Stories over the years and is a fantastic consultant to have on board to guide Ben Affleck’s story.

You can watch Heroic Insider & listen to the guy’s comments yourself below!


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