Is Taylor Swift In X-Men: Apocalypse?

Rest assured, this is not the headline we thought we would be writing either. But there is mounting evidence to suggest that the uber-popular pop star has a role of sorts in X-Men: Apocalypse!

Now, you might be wondering just where in the name of the X-Gene would Taylor Swift fit in to X-Men Apocalypse but you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it could be done… reminder that this is potentially spoilerific material for those who wish to know as little as possible about X-Men: Apocalypse.


Ok, ready? Here goes.

Taylor Swift may well appear in X-Men: Apocalypse as the pop star mutant Dazzler who has the power to turn sound vibrations into energy beams. She was originally created as a result of a cross-promotional team-up between Marvel & Casablanca Records but to this very day Dazzler still holds a presence within the X-Men comics.


So, why do we think that Taylor Swift will be appearing as Dazzler in the upcoming sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past? Well, there is a fair bit of evidence and with a bit of straw clutching you can argue that it is not at all unlikely that Ms. Swift may be making an appearance as Dazzler even if it is merely in a cameo role.

First off, Sophie Turner who is playing the latest iteration of Jean Grey shared an image from X-Men: Apocalypse that clearly proves that Dazzler is in the movie, or at least her records anyway. Yes, records. MP3’s were but a pipe-dream when this movie is set!

Now you’re thinking “Well, that doesn’t at all prove Taylor Swift will be in X-Men!” – and yes you’d be right.


Look closely at Sophie Turner’s caption under the tweet – “Our favorite singer’s album (pre 1989, of course)”. 1989 is of course the title of Taylore Swift’s latest album. This could well be a little throwaway to hint at the fact that Taylor Swift will be connected to Dazzler in someway. It could easily be that Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) merely share a love for Taylor Swift’s latest album but where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?

Back in July of 2015 then Simon Kinberg shared an image of himself, James McAvoy & Sophie Turner with the megastar songstress.

Again, while we may be clutching at straws here and Taylor Swift may just be friendly with the cast & crew, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Taylor Swift may be in X-Men: Apocalypse & playing the role of Dazzler. This would probably be a cameo, more than anything else. The new mutants sitting around the X-Mansion with MTV on the TV and Dazzler’s latest music video appears (Yes, MTV used to play music.), or Apocalypse blows up a concert hall only to get hit with a light beam from the performing artist on stage… Dazzler!

One thing is for sure, we won’t know until X-Men: Apocalypse hits cinemas on May 27th!


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