The Flash Movie Director Departs, Could James Wan Be Next?

It’s good news bad news for the DCEU today foks. While it seems that Ben Affleck will have full control over Batman, Seth Grahame-Smith has taken the Speedforce Highway away from The Flash and rumours suggest James Wan may follow him. 

Confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, Seth Grahame-Smith who was due to make his directorial debut with The Flash movie has departed the project. The only cited reason for this departure is “creative differences”.


The Flash is in a tricky place to start with. Although it has a treatment written by Phil Lord & Chris Miller who are fantastic writers and a promising star in Ezra Miller, it faces off against an Expanded Universe that has gotten off to a false start according to many and an already adored TV show based around the same character. This is not to say a Flash movie would be a failure, far from, but not many projects have that sort of challenge up against them. Perhaps Grahame-Smith did not feel he was up to the challenge, or perhaps Warner Bros. felt that he wasn’t. In all honesty, we may never know the truth. The Flash is not due until March 2018 however and has plenty of time to find a replacement without production being heavily affected.

Seth Grahame-Smith may not be the only directorial casualty at Warner Bros. James Wan is currently over Aquaman but according to Birth.Movies.Death the Fast & Furious 7 director may depart the film shortly. According to BMD’s sources, Wan is feeling a lack of confidence and trepidation about the Aquaman movie (which has Jason Momoa in the lead role) and has enough on his plate at the moment with The Conjuring 2 & Lights Out.


Reaction to James Wan’s appointment as director of Aquaman was one that was met with much positivity. Despite Aquaman being a character who has up until recently been quite a dead fish, with Wan overseeing the project and Momoa in the lead role things were looking up for the King of Atlantis. Much like The Flash, Aquaman would have plenty of time to recover with a new director but given Wan’s status in the industry it would be a much bigger blow in comparison.

Maybe James Cameron could take a break from Avatar & direct with Vinnie Chase in the lead role?


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