Where Does Marvel Go With Phase 4?

Captain America: Civil War is here, which means Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is under way.

While Phase 3 has only started and it is set to end with the two part Infinity War movie, there is a burning question that will slowly creep into peoples minds as Phase 3 kicks on and that is….. Where does Marvel go with Phase 4? How can they top Infinity War? We here at Nerd Lowdown take a look at that and how Marvel can up the anti.


The Coming of Galactus.

While Marvel don’t currently have the rights to the Fantastic Four, there is a possibility that by the time we role around to Infinity War that Marvel could very well have the rights to the original superhero family back home.  There would be no better way to one up Thanos than have the eater of worlds make earth his next feast. We understand there would be the whole how do you introduce the Fantastic Four to the MCU and do they need an origin film again? The answer is no! Marvel could easily find a way to incorporate them into the MCU as though they have always been here. This out of all the entries in this post would be the most substantial way to ramp it up. Simplest way to set this arc up? Have the Silver Surfer show up in the first film of Phase 4 and announce that Galactus is on his way to earth.


Avengers Disassembled.

Marvel could very well play this card, while it may not seem like a step up from Thanos and Infinity Wars, it could very well be if Marvel pull it off correctly. This is one of those definitive Avengers storylines that fans should read. Without giving to much away, the jist of it is, Scarlett Witch goes crazy and kills some of the Avengers, completely destroy Avengers HQ and loses all control of herself. I’ll say no more, but that is the general idea of the story. If Marvel were willing to be so bold, they could easily make this story happen, maybe not over a series of films, but as one of the films in Phase 4, which would certainly shake things up, even more so than Captain America: Civil War did.


Avengers Vs X-Men.

This one is being very adventurous and would come down to Marvel some how securing the rights to the X-Men. This is storyline is not that old and is one of the best Marvel has done in recent years. Nothing more has to be said other than Avengers Vs X-Men. It couldn’t be easier to pull off, something happens that causes the two teams to fight, then each movie in Phase 4 could be characters from each series facing off, with the big pay off coming at the end of Phase 4, could easily do another 2 part movie to end the phase. In the comics they fought over Hope Summers. Marvel could easily find a reason for them to fight, and they could easily find a way to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU.


Secret Invasion.

Another great story line that Marvel could play out on the big screen, and one that wouldn’t really the X-Men, although given how realistic Marvel try to make the MCU, it may be the most far-fetched. The idea that the heroes in the MCU aren’t actually the heroes, but they are members of an alien race known as the Skrull who kidnapped all the heroes and have been posing as them for years may seem unrealistic. This could easily be played and fleshed out over Phase 4 as it would make for a series of interesting films and if pulled off correctly, be a great swerve that no one seen coming.  The final film of Phase 4 would write itself, Avengers vs Skrull battle, simple as.


House of M.

This story line again depends on if Marvel can secure the rights to the X-Men, if they were to, it would be amazing to see happen throughout Phase 4. In the House of M comic, to spare details and spoilers, Scarlett Witch is losing her grip on her reality bending powers, the X-Men/Avengers decide killing her would be the best option, Scarlett Witch alters reality in a big way… I’ll leave it at that. This could be a huge story line for Marvel if they were to get a hold of the X-Men, it could easily be played out throughout the Phase 4 line up, and would be a shoe in to top everything that has been happening with Thanos.

Those are just a couple of ideas we had, we know we are getting well ahead of ourselves as Phase 3 has only started, but it does no harm to speculate and toy with ideas.

Did we miss any huge story lines? Have an idea of your own? let us know.


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