5 Characters We Want To See Marvel’s In Phase 4!

Again we are getting ahead of ourselves here, but with Infinity War Part 1 & 2 set to change the MCU for good, we look at 5 characters we’d like Marvel to introduce in Phase 4.

Given the current situation with films rights to characters at Marvel some of these characters are a complete long shot, but we’d still love to see them in Phase 4.


The Sinister 6

Given that Marvel are allowed to use Spider-Man in the MCU thanks to a deal with Sony and they did a fantastic job introducing him, who is to say they aren’t allowed to use The Sinister 6? Marvel are more than likely going to so a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and if they can, they should build towards The Sinister 6. It would amazing to Doc Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter on-screen together. While previous Spider-Man movies are good example of villain overload, I’m sure Marvel could find a way to bring them all in without it feeling overloaded.

The Sinister 6 are some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes and it would be wrong not to try incorporate them into the MCU if Marvel are allowed to use them.


Namor The Submarinor

The man they call the original mutant would be an excellent addition to the MCU. He is such an important character in Marvel comics, and he was a big part of the original Civil War storyline, it’s a bit of a shame Marvel don’t have the rights to use him. The rights Namor lie with Universal Studios, so it would be difficult for Marvel to use him. In saying that though, some of the rights to the Hulk are still at Universal but Marvel are allowed to use him, maybe Marvel could strike a deal with Universal to bring Namor into the MCU. They could introduce him through an origin film, or bring him in through another film then explain his origin through flash backs.


The Fantastic Four

The original Marvel family need to come back to Marvel, it needs to happen.  We touched on the coming of Galactus in a previous post and how that can be an over arching story in Phase 4. Marvel could easily incorporate the Fantastic Four into the MCU. We don’t need an origin story, we don’t really need a back story (again). Marvel can play it up that the Fantastic Four have been in to the MCU all along, maybe when they went up to space and got their powers, maybe they got stuck in space, maybe they have been stuck in the Negative Zone and they escape and arrive at the end of Phase 3.

Rumour has it that Marvel could very well be getting the rights to the Fantastic Four back after what happened with 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot that bombed. Here is to high hoping that we get them back before Phase 4 begins.


Red Hulk

General Ross becoming the Red Hulk is another character that needs to make its way to the MCU. If Marvel ever make a sequel to 2008’s Incredible Hulk movie, Red Hulk would be a great addition to the movie and the MCU. General Ross was brought back in for Civil War as Secretary of State, Marvel could easily go down the route of Red Hulk going into Phase 4. Given that Infinity War is going to change the MCU for good and will probably see the death of several key characters, bringing in a character like Red Hulk could usher in the next Phase of the MCU.


Adam Warlock and The Infinity Watch

Adam Warlock being introduced to the MCU is still a strong possibility, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on the way next year, we could very well see him being brought in. It has already been hinted that he is in the MCU, with his cocoon being seen in the Collectors Shop in Guardians 1. Adam Warlock is an extremely important character when it comes to dealing with the Infinity Stones, considering they are in the MCU, introducing Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch would be a smart move.

The Infinity Watch were formed after The Infinity Gauntlet story, which seen each Infinity Stone given to a member of the watch to keep them apart and to stop Thanos from getting them again. Adam Warlock is also one of the few people who can control the power of the  Infinity Stones. If we don’t get the Infinity Watch, then an MCU version of the Illuminati would be the next best option.

So those are 5 characters we would love to see Marvel introduce into Phase 4. Who would you like to see? Let us know.


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