Our Favourite Shark Movies!

With the upcoming release of The Shallows starring Blake Lively we have decided to give you our top picks of the shark attacking genre!

5. Jaws 2 – 

Okay, it may not live up to the hype of the original and it may not make that much sense but hey, who doesn’t love another adventure with Chief Brody?

4. Sharknado –

Don’t hurt us but hear us out. This straight to T.V movie franchise is so bad it’s actually hilariously good! Grab your friends and crack open the cans and just have a bloody great time!

3. Deep Blue Sea –

If you can get your head past the out of this world storyline – Deep Blue Sea is some great guilty pleasure fun and hey it has one of Sam Jackson’s most famous scenes of his entire career!

2. Open Water –

The most realistic take on the genre is sadly based on a true story about a couple who are left behind by their diving party, who slowly become prey for a pack of sharks. The gritty realism of the shooting and the utter feeling of dread will stay with you long after the credit role.

1. Jaws –

Of course this classic is our number one. It is a defining blockbuster in itself and it could be seen as Spielberg’s Top 3 best film. You know the theme, you know the opening scene so all we can say is that this is the worthy champion of the famous genre – that may never be matched!

So that is our list? It’s a fun one! So what is your favourite Shark movie? Let us know! Nerd out!


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