Fan Cast: Actors Perfect For A Comic Book Movie Role & Who They Should Play!

Hollywood is full of fantastic actors & actresses. The world of comic book shared universes is also expanding exponentially. 

This means that there will be new roles, or others we are already familiar with, to be filled by new people. We take a look at some people we feel would be ideal to take a place alongside some of our favourite heroes in future instalments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Cinematic Universe.

Zachary Quinto as Namor the Sub-Mariner

This one needs no further explanation. The Star Trek actor is an absolute dead ringer for the character. Quinto got one of his big breaks in super power series Heroes so is very familiar with the superheroic and general comic book madness. With DC bringing Aquaman to the big screen, it’s now time for Marvel to get to work on their own King of Atlantis (rights issues pending, of course).


Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd/Red Hood

With Ben Affleck heading up a Batman solo flick with Geoff Johns as a consultant, there are a few characters from the Bat-family that fans are demanding make an appearance. One of those is Jason Todd aka Red Hood… and who better to play him than Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles?

Ackles has already provided the voice for this character in the Under The Red Hood animated adaptation. He also does have a significant physical presence and ability to lose his temper which can be seen in Dean Winchester, his character in Supernatural. The character of Jason Todd is also pretty much confirmed to have existed within the Bat-Universe thanks to that Robin suit!


Morgan Freeman as Uatu the Watcher

Ok, this one is about as likely to happen as things stand as an Avengers x Justice League crossover movie, mostly thanks to the most recent Fantastic Four movie’s failings at the box office. But hear us out…

The man with a voice of gold playing an all-seeing all-knowing god-type? Sign us up! Heck, he already done this in Bruce Almighty! Uatu the Watcher is an omniscient & omnipotent entity within the Marvel Universe who tends to show up when major universe shaking events are to happen but rarely speaks. Imagine if Morgan Freeman were to watch over the events of Infinity War as The Watcher and breaking his silence in The Avenger’s time of need?

Science Channel TheWatcher

Christoph Waltz as Red Skull/Doctor Doom

Christoph Waltz is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood at the moment and plays an AMAZING villain. Those who have seen the latest Bond movie SPECTRE will verify! Who better for him to play in a comic book movie than either of the greatest Marvel villains, Red Skull or Doctor Doom.

Red Skull we know to be out there floating away in the Marvel Cinematic Universe somewhere, and while Hugo Weaving does not want to return, who better to replace him that Christoph Waltz? Failing that, we know that the Fantastic Four are currently sitting in reboot territory and Waltz would make a fantastic Latverian dictator should they wish to make another attempt at Marvel’s first family. Red Skull & Doctor Doom are Marvel’s greatest villains & deserve a great actor in the role.

christophwaltzasredskull DOOM-WALTZ

Kit Harington as Dr. Reed Richards

Keeping with the Fantastic Four, we would like to nominate Game of Throne‘s actor Kit Harington for the role of Reed Richards. Not the most likely of candidates, but when Jon Snow eventually decides to get a hair cut he would pass pretty easily for Mr. Fantastic. The Brit would also bring some quality acting skills along with a pre-existing fan base to whatever role he does go for post-Game of Thrones life. Lets face it, a popular face like Kit Harington will be what any Fantastic Four reboot needs while bigger names may be reluctant to touch what may be considered a toxic property.


Charlize Theron as Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is a character that we will shortly become very familiar with thanks to her very own solo movie coming in 2019. This summer (think SDCC) we will know more details as Marvel set to name their director & lead! Here at Nerd Lowdown, we want ass-kicking cheque-cashing Charlize Theron in the role of Carol Danvers (some of us, anyway.). The MCU is full of strong women & Charlize Theron will only add to that roster of super talented actresses that easily put it up to the boys.


Richard Madden as Nightwing

Probably not the first name you would think of when you mention Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, the Caped Crusader’s first sidekick who ventured off on his own vigilante adventure. Another Game of Thrones alumni makes the list and one whose Stark family demeanour of honour and righteousness would make him the ideal angel on Batman’s shoulder in comparison to Jensen Ackles’ devil in Red Hood. While both actors may seem old for these roles, it is worth remembering that Batfleck is a Batman who has been around for 20+ years.

richard-madden-game-of-thrones nightwing

Jessica Chastain as Poison Ivy

In fairness to Poison Ivy, the character got a bad rap after the abomination that was Batman & Robin. With a new Batman continuity on the rise and one that contains Harley Quinn, it would be foolish not to consider one of the deadliest living biological weapons in Gotham City. Jessica Chastain fits the bill perfectly, especially if they were to model the character’s attitude from the Arkham game series version.


Donald Glover as Miles Morales aka The Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles Morales is possibly the most popular non-Peter Parker version of Spider-Man of all time and his introduction as The Ultimate Spider-Man was heralded as a massive move forward for Marvel & the comic book industry alike given he had mixed ethnicities. Donald Glover was campaigned as a potential actor to take the Miles Morales role when rumours were abound that Spider-Man be rebooted again and to be honest we cannot disagree with the masses here. The Community star would be perfect for the role should Marvel or Sony ever wish to introduce the character to the big screen and hey, all else fails, he did get to voice the animated version of the character!


Robert Knepper as Carnage/Cletus Kasady

Now, we know what you’re thinking. We’ll see Fantastic Four rebooted twice more before we even see a hint of Carnage on our screens but heck that does not stop us from dreaming! The Prison Break star would be utterly fantastic in the role and one could argue that T-Bag is essentially Cletus Kasady in many ways. Both convicted of heinous crimes, T-Bag & Kasady are cut from the same villainous cloth. Robert Knepper would be ideal to play the role as Kasady & with a transformation into the dastardly Carnage only sweetening the deal.

The problem here is, Carnage is a character closely associated with Spider-Man & Venom. Spider-Man is currently under control of Marvel/Disney and with Venom & Carnage being more R-Rated characters than Marvel may like, we’ll probably not see them against the Web-Slinger. Our best hope is to see Venom vs Carnage in the Sony developed Venom movie that is in development.


So there you have it, the actors & actresses we would love to see in comic book roles in the future. Have your own suggestions? Do let us know!


One thought on “Fan Cast: Actors Perfect For A Comic Book Movie Role & Who They Should Play!”

  1. All of these are genius castings! Ackles is a very popular one for Red Hood. Freeman as Watcher would be interesting to see, I see it being similar to him playing God for some reason. Waltz as Red Skull would be cool, but he doesn’t have the voice and he’s a bit…scrawny for the role. Red Skull is Captain America’s evil double, so he needs to be pretty strong and fit.


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