Check Out Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Starters & Box Art!

Pokémon Sun & Moon are the highly anticipated next instalments in the Pokémon franchise. Now we get our first look at the three starters you will get to pick from along with the beautiful box-art! 

To no surprise, you will once again have the choice of a fire, grass or water type Pokémon (we will judge you on your choice, by the way). Fans of Pokémon of the cuter variety will be very impressed with LITTEN, ROWLET POPPLIO

Litten Rowlet Popplio

On a personal note as a Gen I-II purist, I’m not overly awed by the designs but they do have plenty of potential. While these Pokémon may not look overly fearsome now, the animal types that these species are based upon could become absolutely fierce in their final evolution stage and Mega Evolutions. Rowlet will be of particular interest to some having a dual-typing with Flying as a secondary type. You won’t be using a HM on him though! We will also be treated to a brand new location names Alola which is based on, no prizes for guessing, Hawaii.

The box art is also little to be surprised about following the usual Pokémon boxing template featuring two very cool looking Legendary Pokémon on the front themed to match the game’s title. A trailer was also released that revealed that Pokémon Sun & Moon will be released on November 18th!



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