Next X-Men Movie Set In 90’s & Professor X To Appear In New Mutants!

Despite the fact that early reviews for X-Men: Apocalypse have been negative, it hasn’t stopped Simon Kinberg discussing the future of the X-Franchise. 

Speaking with ComingSoon, Kinberg confirmed that the next X-Men film will be set in the 1990’s. This follows First Class being set in the ’70’s & Apocalypse set in the ’80’s. This is a very exciting prospect for X-Men fans as some of the golden X-Moments happened during this period… it does lead us to make some demands however.

  1. Classic Animated TV Show suits.
  2. A theme tune based off the Animated show.
  3. Wolverine’s classic suit, should it not appear in Wolverine 3.


Give us these simple requests and we will give Apocalypse a good review, Mr. Kinberg. *wink wink nudge nudge*

In other X-Men related news. Mr. Kinberg also confirmed to Collider that the X-Men spin-off New Mutants will feature Professor X. As our old pal Deadpool once asked “Which one? Stewart or McAvoy?”


And this brings us back to our first tidbit of news… Kinberg did not elaborate whether the 90’s X-Men movie he was referring  to would be the next core movie in the series, or a spin-off like New Mutants. Depending when the movie is set will dictate which Professor appears, unless they decide to launch McAvoy into the future of course. Stewart however is set to play a significant role in Wolverine 3 so he may very well be committed to X-Men movies as long as he is able to do them.

New Mutants is scheduled to begin filming sometime in 2017 so presumably we will know before then!


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