Michael B. Jordan Joins Black Panther! What Does This Mean For Fantastic Four 2?

The Human Torch has swapped allegiances and is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to star in the Black Panther solo movie! 

The Creed & Fantastic Four star has reportedly begun talks with Marvel to join the cast of Black Panther in an unknown-as-of-yet role according to The Hollywood Reporter! This would mean that Jordan would be teamed up once again with Ryan Coogler (Creed). Kevin Feige also confirmed this weekend that the cast of Black Panther would be 90% African or African-American.


This however raises questions over the potential Fantastic Four sequel that Fox seemingly still intend on going ahead with. *shivers*

Would Marvel Studios allow Jordan to double-job within the Marvel Cinematic Universe & as the Human Torch? Ehhh…. We don’t think so.

Politics are rife in the comic book movie world and nowhere are they more cut throat than when it comes to Marvel properties. For example in the run up to the release of Fantastic Four, Marvel were also in the height of celebrating their 75th Anniversary. This was also the first time that the Fantastic Four were without a comic book run and were featured nowhere in the 75th Anniversary materials. Marvel’s First Family were completely abandoned by the company all because Fox currently hold the rights to live action productions of the characters. We can’t see Marvel willing to share an actor with Fox if they made it look like the Fantastic Four didn’t exist during their 75th Anniversary.


However, rumours have been floating that Fox swapped the rights to Fantastic Four with Marvel for the TV rights for the X-Men which Marvel still retained. Could Jordan’s casting in Black Panther mean that the rights have already reverted?

Really, we cannot rule this out. While Simon Kinberg was speaking during the X-Men: Apocalypse press tour that they were intending to stay truer to the comics essence with Fantastic Four 2, you would imagine that after an appalling performance first time out that Fox would be keener to bin the project than forge ahead blindly with a sequel. The X-Men franchise has been very successful for Fox and Marvel don’t seem too fussed about preventing Fox from going about their business with the X-Men but the Fantastic Four is another story. Like Spider-Man, Marvel seem desperate to get their hands on the property again. Michael B Jordan appearing in Black Panther may well be an indication that there will be no Fantastic Four 2, and that the Inhumans movie was moved in order to facilitate a Fantastic Four reboot at Marvel.

Watch this space…


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