What’s Next For Tony Stark Following Civil War?

For anyone that has seen Captain America: Civil War you know that the Avengers as a team is fractured, the team has essentially split up and it seems as though there will be two teams. One lead by Captain America and another lead by Tony Stark. While it is not confirmed, there is an element of there being two teams as some people don’t want to work with Cap, then some don’t want to work with Stark.

In saying that though in Cap’s letter to Tony, he says the Avengers are more Tony’s than Cap’s, so maybe there won’t be two teams going forward. The bigger question coming from Civil War, is what will Stark in the build up to Avengers Infinity War? Here we take a look at several options as to what Iron Man may do next.



This is the most obvious option moving forward, have Tony rebuild the team and continue on with new members. Who he would have join the team though is a bit puzzling, War Machine is potentially paralyzed after the incident in Leipzig airport, Black Widow is on the run following her double crossing, Vision may want to distance himself or feel that he is not ready for combat following what happened at the airport and Spiderman, it seems as though Tony is looking to keep him out of things since he is still quite young. Tony never had him sign the accords in the film probably to protect him, so who knows if Tony would look to get him involved. The bigger question whoever would be, is Tony the right man to lead a new team? He is the root of the majority of the problems in the MCU, so him leading a team without Cap could be questionable.


Tony could take a back seat role in all things Avengers, while he could continue to support and fund the Avengers, he could step away from the Iron Man role and work primarily behind the scenes taking care of the finances and legal issues they Avengers may be faced with. The issue with this is that Tony himself said in Civil War that he doesn’t want to stop being Iron Man, he doesn’t want to give it up, and his inability to give it up has caused problems between him and pepper. Asking the man that kick started the MCU to take a step back would be a big ask, especially considering how big Tony’s ego is.



While we know S.H.I.E.L.D collapsed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as it had been compromised by Hydra, there is an opening for someone to rebuild it, or better yet, found a new security organization. For anyone that read the Civil War comic, know that Tony Stark became the head of S.H.I.E.L.D following the conclusion of the storyline. Who is to say that Tony can’t do that know? With Nick Fury gone into hiding, the world lacks a governing security organization, so why not have Tony start another one? It would tie into him taking a back seat, he could step down as Iron Man, letting someone else take up the mantel and focusing on rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D, do his part in helping protecting the world without having to put on an Iron Man suit.



This one seems the most likely option purely based on Tony’s interactions with Peter Parker/Spiderman in Civil War. We seen in Civil War that Tony knows Peter Parkers secret identity, and more so he knew where to find him. The question raised there is how did Tony find out about him? Has he been keeping tabs on him in the 6 months between Peter getting his powers and being recruited to help fight Cap? Hopefully these are questions we get answers to in Spiderman: Homecoming, maybe the relationship between Tony and Peter will be explored some more.

The idea of Tony acting as a mentor to Peter though is something that seems to be set in motion, he upgraded all of Peter’s gear to help him control his senses which have been dialled to 11 according to Peter himself, he didn’t make him sign the accords even though he asked him to help. Spiderman was technically breaking rules that Tony was trying to enforce, but Tony seems to be looking out for him. He may not have had him sign because he is still quite young, because he hasn’t had his powers to long. We even seen Tony looking out for him when he told him to go home after taking down Giant Man in the battle in Leipzig. This role of being a mentor may be the best option for Tony after so many years of causing problems, maybe it is about time he helps out younger superheroes.


So those are our choices and picks for what Tony could do next, what he could do between now and Infinity War part 1 which is 2 years away, which option would be best suited remains to be seen, but considering he has signed on to appear in Spiderman: Homecoming, Marvel could be pushing towards him being a mentor to Peter. Guess we will have to wait and see.


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