Exclusive New Game from Indie Company Starboard Games with an Irish Lead Coder!


Coming from Starboard Games, an independent company dedicated to delivering compelling stories, immersive artwork and expand our creative minds. We here at Nerd Lowdown got an exclusive look at their upcoming game called INT, and guess what? They lead coder is Irish!  The Awesome Hugh Thornton was available to answer some of our questions and let us play their game.

Described as a Sci-fi Western, INT is set in a futuristic world on the desert planet of  Bastion. With a Civil-War plaguing the planet the citizens are forced to flee or choose a side and fight, including your own character who must decide his or her fate.

The project was first created back in January of 2014 by Justin Bise (Project Lead) the INTverse has been continuously expanding across other media, including comic books, novels and even a card game. Although level designs and game mechanics have been prototyped previously, the INT project has officially been under intense development for the last four months. With more than 100 thousand views on Indie/Modb and consistently in the top 1% of projects, we were very excited and honoured to be some of the first to play the game in its early stages.

Initially when you boot up the game you are greeted with a character selection. Male or Female human characters are your choice. Visually you can tell from your first glance that the game is set in a futuristic environment as clothing, hair styles and surrounding objects remind you of games such as Bioware’s Mass Effect, which we are told was a huge inspiration for the game.


Currently playable on PC the controls were the usual arrow keys for movement, while some of the major systems are still being crafted at the moment they are a little clunky, in fact it was expected of a game in such early stages of development and was often met with more giggles than actual frustration.

The opening level is metamorphic for your character as you learn that you have just survived a bomb attack on your apartment building and are forced to leave immediately. With the help of your friend Wes, who informs you he knows a way off the planet, you navigate the hallways of the destroyed building. Crucially choosing to help or ignore the stranded civilians who have also experienced the attack.

The word ‘choose’ is vital to the story of  INT. As the plot progresses, we have been informed that your choices and character development play a huge role in the grand scheme of things, also making the games replay ability greater as endings are dictated by your decisions.

Some of the characters you meet in this first level shed some light on Bastion and its resources, one of these including the controversial topic of drug use. Catering for a more mature audience, Thornton expressed to us that INT would have some mature background content that would play into the plot and story of the game, but also said that they were thinking of producing a censored version of the game too.


Like most RPG’s the game has a tree of skills for you to enable once you have level up. The battle mechanics play very much like ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ with a point and click tactic which focuses your character on a specific target and eventually killing them. (Pew Pew)


With Bastion being a desert planet, we look forward to Matt Parkin’s art style as we have been told he has favoured a more survival than aesthetic approach when it comes to how Bastion will look, using a visually immersive Maslow’s Hierarchy to convey the planet and the needs of the inhabitants. The Team are still establishing a vast and vivid landscape for our eyes that we are sure will be mesmerising experience.

A small team of 25 volunteers, the Starboard Games crew have put so much effort and passion into this project it must feel like a second job. One they hope to make their main career path with the success of this project. Despite being an Indie company, Starboard Games promises the players AAA content, saying ‘they want You to experience the same value of content you would get from a bigger company, like storytelling, graphics, audio and gameplay.’


With the Demo aiming for release in August 2016 (on Steam for the moment) we can hardly wait to see more new and exciting content from the Team!

We are rooting for you guys!

To check out more from Starboard Games and INT, including concept art, podcasts, trailers and more!! Click Here!


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