Miles Morales To Be The Star Of 2018 Animated Spider-Man Movie!

Strap yourselves in Spidey-fans, the in-development Sony animated movie is about to get a whole lot more interesting! 

We’ve known for a while that while Marvel are steering the cart in terms of the live action representation of Spider-Man, Sony are pushing ahead with an animated film penned by Chris Miller & Phil Lord (LEGO Movie). Now we might just know WHICH Spider-Man this movie will follow….

According to Heroic Hollywood, it won’t be our ol’ buddy Peter Parker with great powers and great responsibilities in this animated feature, but the extremely popular Miles Morales aka the Ultimate Spider-Man!


This is pretty big news that Sony are considering using Miles Morales as the spearhead for an animated Spider-Man franchise. Since the character’s introduction he has been a massive hit with fans and many slated Marvel & Sony when they decided to reboot with Peter Parker in the MCU rather than go with Miles Morales. Peter Parker, was obviously the safer choice… but we can now revel in the fact that we will be getting double the Spider-Man from here on in!

This could even be seen as an avenue for creating a live-action version of the character in the future if this animated version was to go down well. If people went out in their numbers to watch & subsequently enjoy a Miles Morales Spider-Man film then perhaps it will push Sony to bring the character into a live action format. Remember, while Marvel & Sony have done a deal, Sony still hold the creative rights to the character and may be able to spawn their own sub-franchise if Marvel were not willing. Either way, it’s an exciting time for Spider-fans!


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