Warcraft Review

Warcraft The Beginning has been released and after much anticipation we have our review of the best selling game turned.World Of Warcraft – everybody has heard of it. You know the guys that sit in their mom’s basements playing a certain computer game all day? Yep that is the game they play. Well, World Of Warcraft is the longest running MMO-RPG out there with a staggering 9.6 million subscribers it is no wonder that a movie adaptation eventually came around. So many AAA games have been taken to the big screen and failed miserably but Warcraft thankfully will not be added to that list.


Warcraft begins by telling the story of how the Orcs a battle hardened race must find a new home to live in as their world is perishing. Shaman Gul’dan uses dark magic to open a portal into the human world of Azeroth, gathering all Orc clans together to form the “Horde” they travel to this unfamiliar world to conquer it for themselves. King Llane ruler of the seven realms must protect his people with the help of his trusted friend and comrade Anduin Lotar. With both sides in all out war the question that lies on some their minds is war really the only way?


Warcraft The Beginning to me was a brilliant experience, attending the Irish Premier in the Savoy Cinema I went in with an open mind not being a massive fan of the MMO but aware of the story and characters. Warcraft kept me wanting more all the way through. In the opening we get a brief explanation of why the Orcs are leaving their home and why, This felt very rushed while the story was enjoyable and well put together to many on-screen characters were introduced all at once only to fade away just as fast and when mentioned later you are left thinking “who the hell is that?“. While this is “The Beginning” more time could have been put into the main characters introduction forgetting the lead characters name is not a good sign.


The battle scenes in Warcraft where spectacular eye porn if you will it has been a long time since such on-screen battles in such large numbers have been very exciting bloody and gruesome; Warcraft done exactly this the last large on-screen engagement that really delivered would have been  Lord Of The Rings and Warcraft has reached that level and one might be so bold to say that they might improve with the sequels to come.


Duncan Jones deserves a high-five and a slap on the behind for this movie. Visually it was gorgeous, the world of Azeroth is beautiful. The rich and colourful landscape mountains covered in snow touching the skyline and the cities and towns all just look amazing. I felt myself smiling more and more as the camera would zoom out to open the view of the world.


I loved Warcraft it was an amazing movie but it does have some flaws. Going back to the story, it is great …… but it was rushed way to fast characters were thrown on front of you with little or no introduction and boom next chapter. At some points it felt as if it had skipped past a section. The love scene that comes up in most films was truly awful. I wouldn’t even go to the extent to call it a love scene, more of an emotional moment with no relevance at all it was worse than Anakin & Padme’s love scene. Yeah I said it. With those small flaws Warcraft will do very well and no doubt the sequels will be bigger and better.


The cast of Warcraft gave an outstanding performance Lothar played by Travis Finmel (Vikings) delivered that tough but fair role as he does in Vikings with a slight comical touch, Co-stars Dominic Cooper (King LLane) Ben Schnetzer (Khadgar)  both gave an exceptional performance.


Overall Warcraft is a great movie with some careful planning and better story telling the sequels will be perfect, I recommend you see this movie regardless if you’re a fan of the game.




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