Thor: Ragnarok May Have Elements of […] In It!

Thor: Ragnarok which is due out next  year is set to bring an end to the Thor trilogy within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the title of the film suggests in the film Thor will be battling to stop Ragnarok, or the Asgardian Apocalypse for those who aren’t familiar with the comics. Huge news about the cast broke a few weeks ago and now reports are suggesting it may have elements of a certain comic book story line in it. 

We know that Thor: Ragnarok  is set to be an ensemble movie of sorts, which Bruce Banner aka The Hulk being brought into the film. Well some new reports suggest that the film may contain elements of a certain infamous Hulk story. According to reports by Joblo the film will be a combination of the Ragnarok story from Thor comics, and the Planet Hulk story from the Hulk comics. While this has been long rumored since the Hulk was announced for the film, nothing has been confirmed.


According to the report Thor “will definitely be involved in some gladiatorial games run by none other than Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster.” And that the Hulk “will be rocking the one-shoulder armor as seen in the comics, so [we] expect him to be decked out in the familiar Planet Hulk look.” This is huge news in regards the film as it adds an entirely new element to the movie providing it turns out to be true. For years fans have longed to see Planet Hulk played out on the big screen and this could very well be there only chance given there is still no sign of another Hulk standalone movie anytime soon.

If the report is true, how Thor ends up on the planet is as good a guess as anyone’s. Maybe he gets exiled from Asgard for some reason, perhaps Loki teams up with Hela we’ve scratched that out, it’s Loki, he more than likely will team up with her to destroy Asgard. While in exile ) if he is to exiled, he lands on an alien planet where he would be made compete in games, which is where it would tie in with the report by Joblo, and of course, the Hulk would be the reigning champion.


Could that be how Thor ends up on the planet and how the Planet Hulk element is introduced?  Who knows, it could just be us getting ahead of ourselves, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a way of putting it’s own spin on comic book story lines played out on the big screen, so the cooped up in Marvel HQ writing the story could have something totally different planned.

We for one can’t wait for the film and hope the reports are true, we want to see Planet Hulk played out on the big screen. Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd 2017.


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