New Pokémon Sun And Moon Details Emerge!

There is a new Pokémon game coming on November 18th in case you missed it (we hope you didn’t miss the news). Pokémon Sun and Moon will be the newest games in the series and plenty of news has come out about them over the past few days.

In a new trailer released by Nintendo we get a good bit of new information about the new games in the series.

The first piece of huge news that we is the name of the two legendary Pokemon on the covers of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon respectively. The giant lion Pokemon on the cover of Pokemon Sun is Solgaleo, a Psychic/Steel type which is quite an interesting mix. We know that each Pokemon has a hidden ability and Solgaleo’s is Full Metal Body meaning it can’t it can’t have its stats lowered by attacks and as shown in the above trailer its special move is called Sunsteel Strike. The Pokemon appearing on the cover of Pokemon Moon is bat-like Pokemon called Lunala and is a Psychic/Ghost type. It’s hidden ability is Shadow Shield and its special move is called Moongeist Beam which can also be seen in the above video.


The trailer revealed another bit of news which is bringing with it a big change to the traditional Pokedex that we all know. In the newest editions to the series the players Pokedex will be possessed by the electric type Pokemon called Rotom who first made an appearance in Generation IV. Player’s Pokedex can communicate with players while possessed by Rotom as well as give advice on where the player should go next which is quite a great feature to add to the game. The player can also add Pokemon to the Pokedex by scanning QR codes which is another new feature to the game, suggesting that Nintendo maybe be launching some form of partnership with QR codes.

The game is set in the Alola Region which as revealed before is a set of Islands, consisting of  four natural islands and an artificial island. These Islands are set to contain many new types of Pokemon that we haven’t seen in previous games. We would be lying if we said we weren’t intrigued by this, what new types of Pokemon could they introduce? Any guesses? We also get some information about some of the new characters in the game such as the new Pokemon Professor who goes by the name of Kukui. Kukui will have an assistant called Lillie and we also got a look at a character called Hau who in the video is classed as a friend, but there is a chance they could also be a rival, we’ll have to wait and see.

Sadly that is all the news we have at the moment on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon but we’ll bring you more as it breaks. They are out on November 18th 2016. Who else is excited?



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