New Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumors Surface!

Since its announcement at E3 2013 fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been longing for more information about the 3rd instalment and are still hoping for a definite release date. Each month that passes little or no information comes out about Kingdom Hearts 3, but with E3 around the corner plenty of rumors have been circulating about the game.

We already know that Sora, Donald and Goofy will be joined by the characters from Big Hero 6 and Rapunzel from the world of Tangled. Now plenty of rumors have been making the rounds about what other worlds Square Enix could use and one’s that could possibly be included in the game. Per an article on GamingBolt we could be getting worlds based on Frozen, Zootopia and Star Wars. If true, these 3 worlds could be fantastic editions to the game as they would draw up some of the new properties that Disney have acquired since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Rumors have also suggested the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 could be April of 2017. Which will bring joy to fans of the series, as a lot of curious minds would be put at ease if they are given a release date, or even a release month, a time frame in which we will get the game as it is so long overdue.

The only glimpse we have gotten of the game is the trailer released at E3 2015, so any news or trailers would be more than welcome at E3 this year. As always we can only hope that we get the inclusion of some of the Marvel properties Disney have acquired. We’d all love to see Sora, Goofy and Donald battling with Cap and Iron Man in the Battle of New York, or helping stop the Heartless who play the part of Hydra in The Winter Soldier storyline.

There are so many possibilities and doors that Square Enix could knock on know that they have plenty of new Disney properties to work with. We all just hope that E3 2016 brings us plenty new and a release date.



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